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I want to wish Britain’s Jewish Community and Jewish people around the world a very happy Hanukkah. As the winter nights grow colder and darker, so begins this eight-day festival celebrating the miracle of lights. Each of you will have your own cherished family traditions for how you mark this holiday. But Hanukkah is always a time for family and friends to get together; lighting the Hanukkiah, playing games, sharing gifts, and just as these rituals are passed from generation to generation, so too is the abiding lesson of this festival; that no matter how hard the struggles we face, alone and together, our love, hope and dedication to each other will always bring us through. So to all those observing Hanukkah over the next eight days, I hope you enjoy a fun and peaceful holiday with those people you love most. Chanukah Sameach.201506/380276。

Then in high school, I learnt that music wasnt just about connecting with others, like Brian and I were connected through music.然后在高中我才知道了音乐不仅是把我们联系在一起,就像布莱恩和我 通过音乐联系在一起。It was a powerful tool of influence and inspiration.而且它还是影响和激励他人的有力工具。Sam Nguyen was my high school janitor.山姆·阮是我高中里的保卫人员。He was an immigrant from Vietnam who barely spoke a word of English.他是越南移民。他几乎不说英语。Sam swept the floors and cleaned the bathrooms at our school for twenty years.山姆在我们学校扫地清洁厕所20年了。He never talked to the kids and the kids never talked to Sam.他从不和孩子说话,孩子也从不和他说话。But one day, before the opening night of our schools annual musical, he walked up to me and holding a letter.但是有一天在我们学校年度音乐会的前一个晚上,他走到我面前,拿着一封信。And I was taken aback and I was thinking, why is Sam the janitor would approaching me?我很吃惊,我在想为什么保卫人员山姆会向我走来。And he gave me this letter that Ive kept to this day.他给了我这封信,我一直保存到今天。It was scrolled, in a shaky hand written in all capitals, and I .它皱巴巴的,像是用颤抖的手写的,全是大写字母,于是我看了。In all my years of working as a janitor at Sutherland, you are the first Asian boy to play the lead role.在萨瑟兰德做了那么多年工,你是第一个当主唱的亚洲男孩。Im going to bring my six-year-old daughter to watch you perform tonight, because I want her to see that Asians can be inspiring.我要把我六岁的女儿带来,今晚带她来看你的演出,因为我想让她看见亚洲人也可以激励人。And that letter just floored me.这封信简直击倒了我。I was 15 years old and I was absolutely stunned.我只有15岁,我完全懵了。That was the first time I realized how music was so important.这是第一次我意识到音乐是如此重要。With Brian, music helped two kids who were initially enemies become friends.在布莱恩那里,音乐帮助两个最初是敌人的孩子最终变成朋友。But with Sam, music went beyond the one-on-one.而在山姆这里,这已经不只是两个人之间的关系了。It was an even higher level, it influenced others I didnt even know in ways I could never imagine.这是更高一层的,它甚至影响了我不认识的人,这是我从来没有想过的。I cant tell you how grateful I am to Sam the janitor to this day.我无法形容直到今天我还有多感谢保卫人员山姆。He really is one of the people who helped me discover my lifes purpose.他真的是帮助我发现人生目标的一个人。And I had no idea that something I did could mean more than ever imagined to an immigrant from Vietnam who barely even spoke English.我以前不知道我所做的对于一个几乎不说英语的越南人能发挥如此超乎我想象的作用。Pop culture, music, and the other methods of storytelling, movies, TV dramas, they are so key, and they do connect us, like me and Brian, and do influence us, and inspire us.流行文化,音乐,以及其他讲故事的方式,电影,电视剧,他们都是连结我们的关键,就像我和布莱恩,它们确实影响了我们,激励了我们。201507/384475。

Thank you so much, Anders, thank you for the kind introduction.It is really a great honour to be elected as the next Secretary General of NATO, this unique Alliance. And I will do my utmost to live up to that honour and to follow the great example which you, Anders, have set over the past five years.Because you have shown strong leadership of the Alliance. And you have developed the Alliance into an even more capable organisation providing security, providing stability, and also building the bonds between Europe, ed States, Canada – the transatlantic bonds. So we are all grateful for that and we thank you for the leadership you have shown for so many years in NATO.As we all know, NATO is not just a security Alliance. It is a family of values which reaches across the Atlantic and defends almost one billion citizens of our Allied countries.And we must continue to stand up for those values. This Summit has provided an important platform and an important direction for the future. We need to invest politically and financially into the Alliance.And I look forward to taking up the post on the 1st of October. And I look forward to working with all 28 Allies to keep our Alliance strong into the future.Thank you so much and I look forward to working together with all of you after the 1st October.201504/371182。

Even professors,the most expensive line in any university balance sheet,come free to our students,over 3,000 of them,including presidents, vice chancellors,professors and academic advisors from top universities such as NYU,Yale, Berkeley and Oxford,came on board to help our students. 甚至是教授,任何大学的收表上最昂贵的一项,也对我们的学生免费,我们有超过3000位教师,包括校长、副校长、教授和学术导师,他们来自顶尖的大学,比如纽约大学、耶鲁大学、加州大学伯克利分校、牛津大学,来帮助我们的学生。Finally, its our belief in peer-to-peer learning.最后,是我们对于同伴学习的信念。We use this sound pedagogical model to encourage our students from all over the world to interact and study together,and also to reduce the time our professors need to labor over class assignments.我们使用这个可靠的教学模式来鼓励我们来自世界各地的学生一起互动并共同学习,这同时也缩短了教授们需要花在课堂作业上的时间。If the Internet has made us a global village,this model can develop its future leadership.如果说互联网把我们变成了一个地球村,这一模式能培养其未来的领导力量。Look how we do it.看看我们如何做到这一点。We only offer two programs:我们只提供了两个项目:business administration and computer science,the two programs that are most in demand worldwide,the two programs that are likeliest to help our students find a job. 商业管理和计算机科学,这两个项目是世界上需求最广的,这两个项目最有可能帮助我们的学生找到工作。When our students are accepted,they are placed in a small classroom of 20 to 30 students to ensure that those who need personalized attention get it.当我们的学生被录取后,他们被安排到由20至30人组成的小班来保那些有个性化需求的学生可以得到相应的关注。Moreover, for every nine weeks course,they meet a new peer,a whole new set of students from all over the world. 此外,每九周的课程,他们会认识一个新的同伴,一组来自世界各地的全新的同学。Every week, when they go into the classroom,they find the lecture notes of the week,the ing assignment, the homework assignment,and the discussion question,which is the core of our studies. 每周,当他们进入课堂,他们会找到本周的课程笔记,阅读任务、课外作业,以及讨论问题,这是我们学习的核心。Every week, every student must contribute to the class discussion and also must comment on the contribution of others.每周,每位学生都必须为课堂讨论做出贡献,同时也必须对其它人的贡献做出。This way, we open our students minds,we develop a positive shift in attitude toward different cultures. 通过这样的方法,我们开阔了学生的思维,我们发展了一种正面积极的态度来对待不同的文化。201508/390189。

Kandels life, I believe demonstrates how a persistent curiosity can help us reach ambitious goals even with great roadblocks in the way坎德尔的一生 很好地明了持续的好奇心对雄心壮志的实现有多么重要它能让你不惧艰难险阻A second tool for lifelong intellectual growth is a willingness to listen carefully to others对于智力发展 受益终生的另一个工具是认真倾听他人的意愿These days, technology allows us access to a great bth of perspectives but it also allows us to limit what voices we hear to the narrow range we find most agreeable现如今 科技让我们具有了前所未有的信息获取广度不过我们还是更愿意将自己听到的声音限定在自己最赞同的那一狭小范围内Listening to others especially those with whom we disagree tests our own ideas and beliefs倾听他人特别是那些你不赞同的人能够测试我们自身的想法和信念It forces us to recognize, with humility that we dont have a monopoly on the truth它能迫使我们谦逊地承认我们对真理并没有垄断权Yankee Stadium is a natural venue for another lesson:洋基体育场则见了另一则启示You wont succeed all the time没人能够总是成功Even Ruth, Gehrig and DiMaggio failed most of time when they stepped to the plate就算是鲁斯 盖里格和狄马乔踏上棒球场时 很多时候也无法避免失败Finding the right path in life, more often than not, involves some missteps探索正确人生道路的过程中 自然也无法避免犯错My Federal Reserve colleagues and I experienced this as we struggled to address a financial and economic crisis that threatened the global economy我和美联储的同事都经历过这种挫折面对肆虐全球的金融和经济危机201504/365461。

The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again.事业成功伴随的沉重不见了,取而代之的是重回起跑线的那种轻盈。Less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods in my life.对于一切都不再确信无疑。我获得了解放,进而开始了我一生中最富有创造力的时期。During the next five years I started a company named NeXT, another company named Pixar and fell in love with an amazing woman who would become my wife.在接下去的五年中,我建立了一家名叫 NeXT 的公司,另一家公司是Pixar,并与一位奇妙的女士共堕爱河,她后来成为了我的太太。Pixar went on to create the worlds first computer-animated feature film ;Toy Story;, and is now the most successful animation studio in the world.Pixar 创作出了世界上第一部电脑动画电影《玩具总动员》,现在它已经是世界上最成功的动画工作室了。In a remarkable turn of events. Apple bought NeXT and I returned to Apple.再后来,一次引人注目的事件产生了转机,苹果公司买下了 NeXT,我重返苹果。And the technology we developed at NeXT is at the heart of Apples current renaissance.而且我们在 NeXT 开发的技术现在成为了苹果复兴事业的核心。And Lorene and I have a wonderful family together.Lorene 跟我也组建了一个美好的家庭。Im pretty sure none of this would have happened if I hadnt been fired from Apple.我很确定,假如苹果没有开除我,所有这一切都不会发生。It was awful-tasting medicine but I guess the patient needed it.我想,这也正是良药苦口利于病吧。Sometimes lifes going to hit you in the head with a brick. Dont lose faith.有时候,生活会给你当头一棒。不要失去信心。Im convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.我确信,唯一撑我前进的东西就是:我爱我所做的事。Youve got to find what you love, and that is as true for work as it is for your lovers.你必须找到你所爱的东西,这句话不仅适用于你的工作也同样适用于你的爱情。Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.你的工作构成了你生活的大部分,而唯一能让你真正感到满足的就是去做你认为伟大的工作,而做伟大的工作的唯一途径是爱你所做的工作。If you havent found it yet, keep looking, and dont settle.倘若你还没有找到它,请你继续,不要停下脚步。As with all matters of the heart, youll know when you find it. and like any great relationship it just gets better and better as the years roll on.同所有与心灵相关的东西一样,当你找到它时,你就会明白。而且它会像那些美好的爱情一样,它会随着岁月的流逝而愈加醇美。So keep looking. Dont settle.所以,保持前行,永不止步。201412/346977。