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Attempting to make it out to their car, Victoria Beckham and her daughter, Harper, squeezed through the mob of paparazzi after arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday (December 1).月1日,维多利亚·贝克汉姆(Victoria Beckha)携爱女“小七”哈珀( Harper)乘飞机回到洛杉矶,在机场遭遇仔队疯狂追拍,两人可谓从机场出口一路“挤”到了车辆接送处The mer Spice Girls member looked as chic as always in skinny jeans, a grey sweater, and her signature sunglasses, while shielding her little one from the continuous flashes.“辣”维多利亚身穿紧身牛仔裤,灰色毛衣,佩戴标志性墨镜,优雅范儿十足她一路用手替女儿遮住持续不断的闪光灯In related news, although Victoria and her daughter were just making it back to the west coast, the rest of her family was aly in LA celebrating her husband soccer victory.尽管维多利亚和女儿刚刚回到洛杉矶,但家中的其他成员已经在庆祝小贝的球赛胜利As previously reported by GossipCenter, David, along with their three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, were at the Home Depot Center basking in the glory of the 37-year-old soccer stud second MLS championship title.前几日,贝克汉姆家三公子布鲁克林(Brooklyn),罗密欧(Romeo ),科鲁兹(Cruz)在Home Depot Center球场与父亲共同庆祝洛杉矶队卫冕大联盟冠军The victory marks the final game that Beckham will play the Los Angeles Galaxy.这场胜利也为小贝在队的效力生涯画上圆满句号 5

Johnny Depp has made his promise to marry Amber Heard official.约翰尼·德普已经正式确定将迎娶双性恋女友艾梅柏·希尔德了On Friday evening the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor, 50, threw a splashy engagement party 0 people at Carondelet House in downtown LA his much younger bride-to-be, aged 7.周五晚上,现年50岁的“加勒比海盗船长”约翰尼·德普周五晚上在洛杉矶的Carondelet House为他7岁的未婚妻举办了一场引人注目的订婚派对Guests included not only family like his two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, with ex Vanessa Paradis, but also celebrities as far ranging as Steven Tyler and Mandy Moore.参加派对的客人不仅有两个孩子丽丽和杰克、前妻瓦妮莎等家人,还有明星斯蒂芬·泰勒和曼迪·尔等明星The couple arrived in a dark car and were escorted into the venue by bodyguards, not showing their faces to onlookers. Large red velvet drapes covered the opening of the hot spot.这对夫妇乘黑色的轿车抵达,并由保镖护送进会场,避免被拍到正脸,红色天鹅绒的帘子遮住里面的场景Guests started rolling in after dark, and included a rare appearance by Depp mother Betty Sue Palmer, who wore rounded glasses and diamond jewelry with a maroon velvet top.客人们在天黑后开始陆续到场,包括很少露面的德普妈妈贝蒂,她戴着圆眼镜,钻石珠宝,身穿栗色天鹅绒衣Johnny first met Amber in when they filmed The Rum Diary - about journalist Paul Kemp - in San Juan, Puerto Rico.约翰尼是在年与跟艾梅柏首次邂逅,当时他们在一起拍摄《莱姆酒日记,他扮演波多黎各首都圣胡安的一个记者保罗·卡普At the time he was still with Vanessa, the mother of his two children, and rumors swirled that perhaps the couple were living separate lives as the French singer was often seen in Paris without Depp.那时,他还在和两个孩子的妈妈瓦妮莎在一起因为这位法国歌手经常独自在巴黎而没有德普的陪伴,当时关于他们分居的谣言被传开来In June they announced their split, and a year after that Johnny started stepping out with Amber in public.年6月,他们公开分手一年后,约翰尼开始带艾梅柏出席公开场合A date has not been announced their wedding.不过他们还没有宣布具体的结婚日期 39

This year the list features nine heads of state who run nations with a combined GDP of $.8 trillion — including the No. 1 Power Woman, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The corporate CEOs control 3 billion in annual revenues, and of the women here founded their own companies, including two of the three new billionaires to the list, Tory Burch and Spanx’s Sara Blakely. Speaking of, this year’s class has billionaires valued in excess of billion.今年的全球女性权势榜中,有9位国家元首,她们治理的国家总GDP达到了.8万亿美元——其中包括排名第一的权势女性、德国总理安吉拉·默克尔还有位公司的首席执行官,她们掌管的公司年营收总计8,930亿美元,另外位女性创立了自己的公司,包括三位新晋亿万富豪中的两位:托里·伯奇和Spanx公司的萨拉·布雷克里说起来,今年的榜单上有位亿万富豪,她们的身家超过了8亿美元Here, a quick peek at Power Women : 以下为全球权势女性榜的概要:Newcomers: Among the newcomers on this year’s list are South Korean President Park Guen-hye (No. ); Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson (No. ); CEO Tory Burch (No. 69); Spanx founder Sara Blakely (No. 90) and Baidu CFO Jennifer Li (No. 98).新上榜人物:今年位新上榜女性包括:韩国总统朴槿惠(排名第);洛克希德·马丁公司首席执行官玛丽莲·休森(排名第);首席执行官托里·伯奇(排名第69);Spanx创始人萨拉·布雷克里(排名第90)和百度首席财务官李昕晢(排名第98)She’s No. 1: Chancellor Merkel has made the list eight times out of the past ten years — seven times as No. 1.她是头号权势女性:过去年里,德国总理默克尔八度上榜——其中七次都荣登榜首Hillary stays on: Clinton’s CV is chock full of firsts: The only first lady to become a U.S. senator turned viable presidential candidate turned secretary of state. Now a private citizen, she continues to be one of the most watched and listened-to women on the planet. All bets on that she will be the Democratic presidential candidate and the free world’s presumptive next leader. She’s done little to quiet the chatter, including hitting the speaking circuit last month at an estimated STEP 1: GET THE LOOK第一步 拥有傲娇的造型1. Buy expensive tailored clothing that only sort of fits so that most of the time your buttons appear to be just seconds from bursting.衣要买那种又贵又紧的定制款,达到下一秒纽扣就会被胸肌爆开的效果. Get a Belstaff coat and blue scarf. The coat cost about 50 pounds. It got good twirl those dramatic moments in life.外套来一套贝达弗的大衣和蓝围巾一套价值50英镑的大衣,随时准备迎接人生的精时刻3. Grow your hair slightly longish, if it isnt naturally wavy (poor you), wear curlers to bed every night.发型略长的卷发——蛤?你不是自来卷哦?小可怜,那你只好每晚带着卷发夹入睡了. Stop eating, gotta get those cheekbone sharp enough to cut butter.脸型不要吃!要瘦!瘦出能切开黄油的颧骨STEP : STIM第二步 重复标志性动作Once you grow your hair slightly longish, be sure to play with it at every opporty.一有机会就炫一下小卷毛Fiddle with items, your hair, flick your fingers, rub your leg, pace, rock, and bite your lips.(Well, most of that could just be on the ;how to cumberbatch; list)性感的小动作,比如摆弄头发、轻弹小指、擦双腿、踱步、摇晃、轻咬嘴唇(好吧,上面很多其实都是在回答“如何变成康伯巴奇”)STEP 3: PRACTICE CREEPY LOOKS第三步 练习古怪表情scary puppy like head tilts and glares斜着头,怒目,像受到惊吓的那样smiles 笑and puma snarls 并且像美洲狮一样咆哮STEP : REMIND EVERYONE about what an ;idiot; or ;moron; they are第四步 提醒所有人“你们其实是蠢货”Play up being smarter than everyone, develop some obvious insecurities. get social skills if you happen to have any.一定要展现自己过人的智慧,努力地表现出心神不定的样子把那些社交技巧抛到脑后吧!STEP 5: GET RID of most of your friends第五步 帅到没朋友Keep around people who like to remind you how smart you are, and stay even though they think you are a dick.只跟那些能凸显你聪明的人做朋友,哪怕他们觉得你坏坏哒Care about them, but dont let on mkay?偶尔关心他们一下,但也别太真情流露,收到?STEP 6: FIND A WATSON第六步 找到你的“花生”This is B Sherlock, so your Watson isn’t stupid. He rather smart in his own way and insecure about his sexuality (probably straight).因为这里说的是B的夏洛克,所以你的华生不是真傻,只是用自己的方式展现智慧他还有点不确定自己的性向(万一是直的呢)He also has serious thrill issues dude.他也是个妥妥儿的喜欢刺激事的家伙Be prepared to save his life on numerous occasions.请做好准备随时当他的救世主STEP 7: DEVELOP a special interest第七步 培养癖好It has to take over most of every waking minute. It all you want to talk about. Prepare to watch people eyes glaze over.你一定有一个连走路时都念念不忘的怪癖你只想聊这个瞧着吧,观众会被你帅到的Nothing else matters, not even basic astronomy.斗转星移关我何事?我的癖好才最重要Make it dangerous, this will help you keep your Watson happy.让它具有一定的危险性,因为这也会让你的“华生”兴趣盎然STEP 8: PRACTICE the method of loci or roman room, or at least pretend to第八步 反(假)复(装)练习轨迹或者罗马房间法This way you can tell everyone to shut up and get out so you can go to your ;mind palace;.让别人都滚粗闭嘴,这样你就能特别牛掰地走入“记忆宫殿”了STEP 9: BE SURE to tell everyone to shut up on a daily basis, it endearing you know第九步 每天,告诉全世界“别BB了”,其实这样蛮圈粉的STEP : Even if you dont really fit the criteria, tell everyone you are a SOCIOPATH第十步 如果以上几条都做不到——就公告天下说你有反社会人格It scaresintimidates people and they dont know better anyway.这会吓走一些人,这些人不了解你更好Except your Watson, he thinks it hot.除了你的华生,他会觉得这样的你性感极了! 075,000 fee per event and inking a reported $ million book deal.希拉里屹立不倒:希拉里·克林顿的个人履历中充满了第一:唯一一位成为美国参议员后来成为呼声很高的总统候选人后来又成为国务卿的第一夫人现在,作为一名淡出公众视线的公民,她仍然是这个世界上最受关注和意见最受重视的女性之一大家都打赌她会是年美国民主党角逐总统选举的候选人,并揣测她会是这个自由世界的下一任领袖她并不试图平息这些议论,上个月她以估计每场万美元的报酬进行巡回演讲,并据传签署了一份金额高达1,00万美元的售书协议The women in tech: Tech takes a second turn as a category on the Power Women list. Five tech women made the top 5 this year, including Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg (No. 6), Rometty (No. ) and HP’s Meg Whitman (No. ). There are tech women in total, including also Susan Wojcicki, SVP of ads at Google (No. 30) and Sun Yafang, chair of Huawei Technologies (No. 77).科技界的女性:科技行业今年第二度作为权势女性榜上的一个分类前5位最有权势的女性中,5位来自科技行业,包括Facebook的雪莉·桑德伯格(桑德伯格新书《Lean In下载gt;gt;)(排名第6),IBM的罗曼提(排名第)和惠普的梅格·惠特曼(排名第)上榜的科技界女性总共有位,还包括谷歌的广告高级副总裁苏珊·沃西基(排名第30)和华为公司董事长孙亚芳(排名第77位)Businesswomen are booming in Asia: The whole region makes a strong showing, from China and Singapore to New Zealand and Thailand. Entrepreneurship is on the rise: see Zhang Xin (No. 50) , Sun Yafang (No. 77) and Solina Chau (No. 80). And Asian region women are showing their political might, from newcomer Park Geun-hye, the South Korean president (No. ) and Burmese dissident and parliamentarian Aung San Suu Kyi (No. 9) to Australian PM Julia Gillard (No. ) and Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra (No. 31).亚洲的商界女性在崛起:整个亚洲地区在榜单上的表现都非常抢眼,从中国和新加坡到新西兰和泰国,都能找到女强人的身影亚洲的女性企业家群体正在崛起,例如张欣(排名第50)、孙亚芳(排名第77)和周凯旋(排名第80)在政界,亚洲女性也在施展自己的抱负,例如新上榜的韩国总统朴槿惠(排名第),缅甸反对派领袖、国会议员昂山素季(排名第9),澳大利亚总理茱莉亚·杰拉德(排名第),以及泰国总理英拉·西那瓦(排名第31) 51<牛人_句子>

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