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Im now very proud to be a part of Intervoice,身为“众声喧哗”的一员,我引以为荣!the organizational body of the International Hearing Voices Movement,它是国际听声组织的筹划单位an initiative inspired by the work of Professor Marius Romme and Dr. Sandra Escher,在Sandra Escher士和Marius Romme教授的著作启发下成立which locates voice hearing as a survival strategy, a sane reaction to insane circumstances,他们将“听到声音”视为一种生存策略,一种在异常情境下的合理反应not as an aberrant symptom of schizophrenia to be endured,不是旁人必须包容的精神分裂症状but a complex, significant and meaningful experience to be explored.反而是有待深入研究、复杂、重要且有意义的经验Together, we envisage and enact a society that understands and respects voice hearing,我们共同预见并推动能理解尊重“听声者”的社会环境supports the needs of individuals who hear voices, and which values them as full citizens.持他们的需求,把他们当享有权利的公民看待This type of society is not only possible, its aly on its way.这种社会不但可能且已逐渐形成To paraphrase Chavez, once social change begins, it cannot be reversed.用美国社会运动家Cesar Chavez的话说,社会变迁一旦开始便无法回头You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride.自重之人不会为人所羞辱You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.无所畏惧之人则不为人所压迫For me, the achievements of the Hearing Voices Movement对我来说,国际听声组织(IHVM)的成就are a reminder that empathy, fellowship, justice and respect are more than words;提醒世人同理心、友谊、正义和尊重胜过言语they are convictions and beliefs, and that beliefs can change the world.它们是坚定的信念。而信念可以改变世界In the last 20 years, the Hearing Voices Movement国际听声组织在过去20年has established hearing voices networks in 26 countries across five continents,已在5大洲的26国建立联系管道working together to promote dignity, solidarity and empowerment for individuals in mental distress,共同致力提升承受精神折磨者的尊严、团结和自立能力to create a new language and practice of hope,希望以此塑造希望的言词与实践which, at its very center, lies an unshakable belief in the power of the individual.其中的核心就是对个人能力坚定不疑的信念As Peter Levine has said, the human animal is a unique being美国心理医师Peter Levine说过,人类是很特别的生物endowed with an instinctual capacity to heal and the intellectual spirit to harness this innate capacity.与生俱来就有疗愈能力和运用此天赋的智慧In this respect, for members of society,因此,身为社会的一份子there is no greater honor or privilege than facilitating that process of healing for someone,最荣幸的事莫过于帮人自我疗愈to bear witness, to reach out a hand, to share the burden of someones suffering,见一切,伸出援手并分担苦痛and to hold the hope for their recovery.还要坚持人们康复的希望And likewise, for survivors of distress and adversity,同样地,我要对那些历尽磨难的人说that we remember we dont have to live our lives forever defined by the damaging things that have happened to us.我们知道经历过的那些伤害不会让我们的人生就这样下去We are unique. We are irreplaceable.我们是独一无二的What lies within us can never be truly colonized, contorted, or taken away.心灵无法被占据、扭曲或夺走The light never goes out.而光明永存As a very wonderful doctor once said to me,如同一位名医对我说过;Dont tell me what other people have told you about yourself. Tell me about you.;“不要跟我说别人对你的看法!我要听你怎么看待自己!”Thank you.谢谢!201603/428976合川输卵管积液医院You probably cannot imagine a world 你们可能无法想象一个without texting, emailing, blogging, friending, tweeting, googling 没有发信息 发电子邮件 写文 互粉 发推文 谷歌搜索and yes watching YouTube s 以及观看YouTube视频的世界probably when you are supposed to be studying on D-level 特别是在D层学习的时候I just learned that 我刚知道这个说法Yet, none of those verbs existed when I was in my cap and gown 我身着学位毕业那年 这些动词都不存在and now the world has over 2 billion people doing those things every day 而现在 世界上每天都有超过20亿人在做这些事情Back then, only really bad things went viral 当年 只有很糟糕的事才会像病毒一样扩散like mono 例如传染性单核细胞增多things you definitely did not want 这些东西你们显然不希望沾上边Now things, s, like David after Dentist or Psy Gangnam Style 现在 很多视频 如大卫拔牙之后 Psy的江南Styleor you know, the recent , a cats rescuing kids from vicious dogs go viral 还有最近猫从恶那里救下小孩的视频 都在疯狂扩散That proves it. The world has changed a lot since I graduated 这明了 世界自我毕业以来发生了重大变化The acceleration of technological progress is unmatched in our history 技术进步的加速在人类历史上是空前的And its not going to slow down 它不会减缓Its only going to speed up 只会提速So I want to share a few stories, 3 stories from my life 我希望分享我人生中的三个故事and how I think they can help you 讲讲它们对大家可能有什么帮助in the new, fast-moving world that youre about to enter 在你们即将步入的这一个快速变化的新世界中I joined Google during the height of the first .com boom in the late 1990s 我加入谷歌是在第一次.com繁荣鼎盛的1990年代Now I know this seems like ancient time to you guys 你们肯定觉得这是很古老的年代but it really was not that long ago 但实际上 当时离现在并没过多久At the time, I was newly married 当时我刚结婚and my husband and I decided to buy a house which was a huge decision 我和丈夫决定买一栋房子 这是很重大的决定We could barely afford the mortgage 我们还房贷有些吃力So we decided we would rent part of our house and the garage 于是决定将房子的一部分以及车库出租201511/412317万州孕前检查需要多少钱And I come here as a daughter, raised on the South Side of Chicago by a father who was a blue-collar city worker and a mother who stayed at home with my brother and me. My mothers love has always been a sustaining force for our family, and one of my greatest joys is seeing her integrity, her compassion, her intelligence reflected in my daughters.我作为一个女儿来到了这里,父母在芝加哥南部把我抚养大,那时我的爸爸是一名城市蓝领工人,我的妈妈、哥哥和我待在家里。我妈妈的爱一直是我们家庭持久的动力,我最大的快乐之一就是看到我女儿身上折射出我妈妈的正直、同情心以及她的智慧。My dad was our rock. And although he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his early 30s, he was our provider. He was our champion, our hero. But as he got sicker, it got harder for him to walk, took him longer to get dressed in the morning, you know. But if he was in pain, he never let on. He never stopped smiling and laughing, even while struggling to button his shirt, even while using two canes to get himself across the room to give my mom a kiss. He just woke up a little earlier and he worked a little harder.我的爸爸是我们的靠山。尽管在他30岁出头的时候被诊断出患了多发性硬化症,可是他养活了我们一家。他是我们的守护神,是我们的英雄。但是随着他的病情恶化,他走路变得越来越困难,早上更衣的时间也越来越长。然而即使他很痛苦,他从来不流露出来。他从来没有停止微笑和大笑,即使在挣扎着系上衬衣扣子的时候,即使在拄着双拐穿过房间去给妈妈一个吻的时候,他都微笑着。他只是早起一小会儿,工作更努力一点。He and my mom poured everything they had into me and Craig. It was the greatest gift a child could receive, never doubting for a single minute that youre loved and cherished and have a place in this world. And thanks to their faith and their hard work, we both were able to go to college. So I know firsthand, from their lives and mine, that the American Dream endures.爸爸和妈妈把他们的一切都倾注到了我和克雷格身上。这是一个孩子所能得到的最好的礼物,相信自己是被爱护、被珍视的,相信自己会在这个世界上占有一席之地。多亏了父母的信念和辛勤的劳动,我们两个都能够进入大学深造。因此从他们和我自己的生活中,我亲身感受到美国梦长盛不衰。 /201308/253661Look, it is true I have not managed to make everybody happy.看,我没办法做到让每个人都高兴。Six years into my presidency some people still say Im arrogant, aloof, condescending.六年总统任期间,一些人说我自大、冷漠、高人一等。Some people are so dumb.这些人真蠢。No wonder I dont meet with them.难怪我不与他们见面。And thats not all people say about me.然而人们说我的并不只有这些。A few weeks ago, Dick Cheney says he thinks Im the worst president of his lifetime.几个礼拜前,迪克·切尼说他认为我是他一生中最糟糕的总统。Which is interesting because I think Dick Cheney is the worst president of my lifetime.这非常有趣,因为我恰好认为迪克·切尼是我一生中最糟糕的总统。Quite a coincidence.多巧啊。I mean everybodys got something to say these days.我是说现如今所有人都在说三道四。Mike Huckabee recently said people shouldnt join our military until a true conservative is elected president.麦克·哈克比最近说,在一个真正的保守派当选总统前,人们不应该加入我们的军队。Think about that.想想看。It was so outrageous 47 Ayatollahs wrote us a letter trying to explain to Huckabee how our system works.这太离谱了,47个阿亚图拉给我们写信来向哈克比解释我们的系统是如何运作的。It gets worse.更糟糕的是,Just this week, Michele Bachmann actually predicted that I would bring about the biblical end of days.实际上就在本周,米歇尔·巴赫曼预言我会带来圣经的末日。Now, thats a legacy.这真是个传奇。Thats big.太牛了。I mean, Lincoln, Washington, they didnt do that.我是说,林肯,华盛顿,他们都没有做到。201512/414413重庆市第二人民医院无精子症治疗

沙坪坝做孕前检查哪里好重庆爱德华治疗阴道炎多少钱Were going to jump onto the next one, maybe. Yes.或许我们可以开始讨论下一个动机了。Influence and status.影响力和地位So this is one of the most famous game dynamics.这是最出名的游戏动机之一。Its used all over the place.在很多地方都可以利用它。Its used in your wallets, right now.你的钱包里现在就有它。We all want that credit card on the far left because its black.我们都想拥有最左边那张信用卡,因为它是美国运通顶级黑卡。And you see someone at CVS or --你会见到在财富五百强工作的人或者——not CVS -- at Christian Dior or something, and then ...不是财富五百强——在迪奥或者别的什么精品店,这张卡会出现,I dont know. I dont have a black card; Ive got a debit card.我不大清楚,因为我没有运通黑卡,我只有一张借记卡。So they whip it out. And you see men, they have that black card.他们把卡拿出来。你会看着这个人,哇,他们有运通黑卡。I want that because that means that theyre cooler than I am, and I need that.我也想要有这样的卡片因为这张卡意味着身份高人一等,所以我也想要一个。And this is used in games as well.游戏中也有这种动机。;Modern Warfare,; one of the most successful selling games of all time.“魔兽世界”是一款卖的最好的游戏。Im only a level four, but I desperately want to be a level 10,我现在只玩到了4级,我特别想达到10级,because theyve got that cool red badge thing,因为到达十级后就可以拿到很酷的红色勋章,and that means that I am somehow better than everyone else.意味着我比其他人都棒。And thats very powerful to me. Status is really good motivator.这对我很有吸引力。地位确实是很强的动力。Its also used in more conventional settings在很传统的地方也会有地位发挥作用的情况,and can be used more consciously in conventional settings.并且可以在这些地方更加刻意地利用它。School -- and remember, I made it through one year,比如学校——别忘了我还上过一学年,so I think Im qualified to talk on school --所以我还是有资格谈论学校的——is a game, its just not a terribly well-designed game, right.它就是一个游戏,是一款设计的不那么好的游戏。There are levels. There are C. There are B. There is A.那里也有等级,包括C等,B等,A等。There are statuses. I mean, what is valedictorian, but a status?这里有地位之分。我的意思是,如果把毕业生致辞比作地位?If we called valedictorian a ;white knight paladin level 20,;如果我们把毕业生致辞的地位命名为“白爵士圣骑士二十级”,I think people would probably work a lot harder.我认为同学们会更加努力的学习。So school is a game, and there have been lots of experimentations on how we do this properly.所以学校就是一个游戏场。我们可以做很多实验尝试把学校办的更好。But lets use it consciously. Like why have games that you can lose?让我们自觉地利用它。比如为什么制定会输的游戏?Why go from an A to an F or a B to a C?为什么会从A到F,从B到C?That sucks. Why not level-up?这太糟了。为什么不能晋级?And at Princeton, theyve actually experimented with this,在普里斯顿,他们正实验着这么做,where they have quizzes where you gain experience points, and you level up from B to an A.有一些可以得到经验分的小测试,可以从B等升到A等。And its very powerful.这种力量很强大。It can be used in interesting ways.人们可以采取各种有趣的形式利用它。201601/423214Some seem to believe that our politics can afford to be petty because, in a time of peace, the stakes of our debates appear small.一些人似乎认为我们的政治制度微不足道,因为在和平时期,我们所争论的话题都是无关紧要的。But the stakes for America are never small. If our country does not lead the cause of freedom, it will not be led. If we do not turn the hearts of children toward knowledge and character, we will lose their gifts and undermine their idealism. If we permit our economy to drift and decline, the vulnerable will suffer most.但对于我们美国来说,我们所讨论的问题从来都不是什么小事。如果我们不领导自由事业,那么自由将无人来引领;如果我们不能使孩子热爱知识、发挥个性,他们的天分将会消失,理想将难以实现。如果我们任凭经济衰退,那么社会的弱势群体受到的伤害将会最大。We must live up to the calling we share. Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment. It is the determined choice of trust over cynicism, of community over chaos. And this commitment, if we keep it, is a way to shared accomplishment.我们必须听取时代的召唤。谦逊有礼不是策略也不是感情用事。而是我们最坚定的选择,在冷嘲热讽中赢得信任;在杂乱无序中寻求统一。如果我们能遵循这样的承诺,我们将会享有共同的成就。America, at its best, is also courageous.美国有强大的国力作后盾,将会勇往直前。Our national courage has been clear in times of depression and war, when defending common dangers defined our common good. Now we must choose if the example of our fathers and mothers will inspire us or condemn us. We must show courage in a time of blessing by confronting problems instead of passing them on to future generations.我们的人民在大萧条和战争时期表现得英勇无比,在抵御共同的危险时,体现了我们共同的优秀品质。现在,我们必须做出选择,如果我们作出正确的选择,祖辈一定会激励我们;如果我们的选择是错误的,祖辈就会谴责我们。在这个繁荣昌盛的时期,我们必须展示出我们的勇气,敢于面对问题,而不是将它们遗留给我们的后代。 /201307/246055重庆哪个治疗宫颈糜烂医院最好Thank you so much, Anders, thank you for the kind introduction.It is really a great honour to be elected as the next Secretary General of NATO, this unique Alliance. And I will do my utmost to live up to that honour and to follow the great example which you, Anders, have set over the past five years.Because you have shown strong leadership of the Alliance. And you have developed the Alliance into an even more capable organisation providing security, providing stability, and also building the bonds between Europe, ed States, Canada – the transatlantic bonds. So we are all grateful for that and we thank you for the leadership you have shown for so many years in NATO.As we all know, NATO is not just a security Alliance. It is a family of values which reaches across the Atlantic and defends almost one billion citizens of our Allied countries.And we must continue to stand up for those values. This Summit has provided an important platform and an important direction for the future. We need to invest politically and financially into the Alliance.And I look forward to taking up the post on the 1st of October. And I look forward to working with all 28 Allies to keep our Alliance strong into the future.Thank you so much and I look forward to working together with all of you after the 1st October.201504/371182重庆爱德华药流多少钱

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