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UN Report Calls for More Funds to Combat Global Warming联合国呼吁增加投资对抗全球暖化The ed Nations is calling for billions of dollars to be spent by governments to fight climate change and greenhouse gasses to stem rising global temperatures.联合国呼吁各国政府投资数十亿美元来对抗气候变化和温室气体等问题,进而阻止全球气温的不断上升。A ed Nations report released Tuesday calls for major spending of nearly 0 billion by governments to deal with the impact of global warming.联合国星期二公布的报告呼吁各国政府共同拿出近6000亿美元来处理全球暖化引起的问题。The report, Promoting Development, Saving the Planet, said that up to trillion a year would be needed to deal with issues of climate change in the future.这份以“促进发展,拯救地球”为题的报告说,未来每年将需要高达一万亿美元的资金来处理气候变化相关问题。The report also said that climate change cannot be battled by relying exclusively on cutting emissions or market-based solutions.报告也说,对抗气候变化不能只依赖减少废气排放和那些以市场为基础的解决方案。It said the global community needed to be as serious about committing resources "on the same scale" to combating global warming as countries were during the the rescue of global economies during the financial crisis.报告指出,世界各国必须以在金融危机中拯救全球经济那样认真的态度,拿出同等规模的资源来对抗全球暖化。Noeleen Hayzer, executive secretary of the UN's Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) says climate change remained "the biggest challenge faced by this generation."联合国亚洲与太平洋经济社会委员会执行秘书诺伊琳.海泽(Noeleen Hayzer)说,气候变化仍是当今这代人面临的最大挑战。"Climate change challenges us all to find a new development paradigm that balances economic growth and long-term prosperity with social progress and ecological sustainability. If we don't address the challenges of climate change an increasing number of nations and their peoples will be pushed into poverty - never has there been a greater call for global solidarity," he said.“气候变化对我们的挑战是:我们必须共同找出一个新的发展模式,这个新的发展模式能够在经济发展和长远繁荣之间找出一个平衡点,同时顾及社会进步和生态的可持续性。如果我们不对气候变化这个挑战有所回应,那么将会有愈来愈多的国家及其人民陷入贫困。事态之急迫,还从来没有像现在这么急需全球的团结合作。”The report calls for stronger steps to be taken by advanced economies to reduce carbon emissions, seen as the main cause of global warming. It says since the adoption of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, policies designed to deal with the threat of dangerous climate change, are lagging "far behind" the scientific evidence. 报告呼吁发达经济体采取更强有力的措施来减少二氧化碳排放量。二氧化碳排放被视为造成全球暖化的主因。报告说,自1997年京都议定书通过之后,因应气候变化威胁的政策制定大大落后于科学上的考。The agency report called for the need to adapt to an increase in more intense hurricanes in the Caribbean, above-average warming impact on glacier-dependent river flows in Central Asia, and droughts affecting fragile economies in North Africa. 联合国这份报告还呼吁各国必须适应越来越多的恶劣天气,比如加勒比海地区强烈飓风数量的增加,中亚地区高于平均水平的暖化现象对依赖冰川的河流造成的影响,以及干旱对北非地区脆弱经济的影响。Tiziana Bonapace, a senior economist with the UNESCAP, says developing countries need financial aid to assist them in developing low-emission technologies and agriculture methods and ensuring poverty reduction policies are maintained.联合国亚太社经会的资深经济学家波纳培斯(Tiziana Bonapace)说,发展中国家需要财政援助来发展低排放技术和新的农业耕作方式,并使扶贫政策保持下去。"Development is a right and that should continue but that perhaps - paths where there could be a reconciliation of the objective of poverty reduction, enhanced standards of living, a life of greater dignity in developing countries - can be reconciled with climate objectives by shifting the sources of energy away from the fossil fuels to the cleaner and lower carbon emissions. But it costs money," said Bonapace.波纳培斯说:“发展是正确的,并且应该持续下去,但发展的方式既要包含减少贫困、提高生活水平和给予发展中国家人民在生活上更多尊严的目标,也要包括减缓气候变化的目标,把能源来源从化石燃料转向更加清洁和碳排放量更低的燃料。当然了,这一切都需要花很多钱。”The report comes in the lead up to the December meeting of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, to agree on a new climate pact before the end of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012.联合国气候变化谈判的最新一轮会议将于9月28日到10月9日在曼谷举行,为12月举行的哥本哈根气候变化会议进行准备。联合国希望世界各国能够在京都议定书2012年到期之前达成一项新的气候协定。09/83123。

  • Less a bid to measure up against other movies at the box office, Star Trek may actually be more in competition with itself, and its many incarnations preceding this latest voyage of the USS Enterprise into theaters everywhere. But what does distinguish Star Trek from the cookie cutter crop of futuristic fantasies, and what led to its legendary status, is its humor and the personality of its characters, who can knock off the self-serious posturing from time to time, to laugh at themselves and each other. Focusing on an intricate web of enduring family feuds, Star Trek traces James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine) back to his birth, during which his dad met his demise at the hands of Romulan leader Captain Nero (Eric Bana). And Nero has long harbored his own festering grudge against the Enterprise, after the death of his wife. The occasional surprises materialize when all the noisy sci-fi machinery takes a break and allows the characters some quiet time to breathe through, especially comic relief provided by Anton Yelchin as the Russian accented know-it-all teen pilot Chekov, and Tyler Perry doing an admiral cameo in judicial punitive mode, as he cuts the cocky Kirk down to size. "Star Trek" was fashioned with obvious affection for the source material, but still offers something new. 07/79486。
  • Domestic workers家庭女佣Free the maids释放女佣A new treaty aims to stop abuse 旨在禁止虐待的新条约Jun 23rd 2011 | from the print edition WITHOUT them many an economy would grind to a halt: the global army of between 50m and 100m domestic workers, most of them women and children. Yet tucked away in kitchens and nurseries, mainly in the Middle East and Asia, their wages often go unpaid, they are rarely granted any time off, and many face physical and sexual abuse. 全球约有五千万到一亿的家政务大军,如果没有他们,许多经济都会慢慢停下来。他们中的大多数人是妇女和儿童。他们忙碌在中东和亚洲的一些国家的厨房和托儿所,他们常常拿不到应得的报酬,很少有假期,许多人经常遭遇肉体和性方面的虐待。The International Labour Organisation (ILO) hopes to change all this with a new treaty adopted on June 16th at its annual conference. The Convention Concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers has been three years in the making. Its goal is to limit working hours, guarantee weekly days off, ensure a minimum wage and protect domestic workers from violent employers.国际劳工组织6月16日在其年会上通过了一项新条约,希望藉此改变所有这一切。《家政工人体面工作协定》已酝酿三年。其目的在于:限制工人的工作时间,保工人每周得到休息,确保最低工资,保护家政人员免受雇主暴力侵犯。Only a few delegates—government officials as well as national representatives of employers and workers—voted against (Swaziland and a couple of employer groups, including the Confederation of British Industry), but there were some notable abstentions. Predictably, they included Malaysia. A series of abuse cases led Indonesia to ban its citizens from going to work there as maids from until May this year. More surprisingly, the British government, too, preferred not to vote either way. It said the treaty would be too onerous, particularly the parts regulating working hours and health and safety.只有几个代表团——雇主、家政工人的政府官员或国家代表——投票反对(斯韦士兰和包括英国行业联合会在内的几个雇主小组),但也有几国弃权,颇为引人注目。其中包括马来西亚,这一点可以预见。因为马来西亚发生了一系列的虐待案件,印尼自年到今年5月,禁止本国公民去马来西来做仆工。最令人感到惊奇的是,英国政府也弃权了。他们认为这项条约太过苛刻,特别是那些涉及工作时间和健康安全方面的规定。201107/144572。
  • US Signals Flexibility With Moscow on Missile Defense美在导弹防御问题上显示灵活性 A senior State department official has told Moscow the ed States is open to reconfiguring a European missile-defense program - aimed at Iran - that has generated Russian concerns. The third-ranking State Department official - Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns - held talks on the issue this week in Moscow. 美国国务院第三号人物、负责政治事务的国务次卿威廉.伯恩斯告诉莫斯科,美国对修改针对伊朗的欧洲导弹防御计划持开放态度,这项计划引起俄罗斯的关切。伯恩斯这个星期就这一问题在莫斯科跟俄罗斯官员举行了会谈。Officials here are giving no details of Burns's talks in Moscow. But they do not contest remarks attributed to him by Russia's Interfax news agency that the Obama administration is seeking Russian cooperation based on what Burns described as a "new configuration" on missile defense that would use resources both countries have.  美国国务院官员没有透露伯恩斯在莫斯科会谈的详细情况。不过他们也没有对俄罗斯国际文传电讯社有关伯恩斯的进行争辩,这个通讯社的报导说,伯恩斯表示,在导弹防御系统问题上,奥巴马政府正在根据“新构想”寻求俄罗斯的合作,这个“新构想”将利用两国拥有的资源。Repairing the US-Russian riftU.S.-Russian relations soured last year, due in part to a push by the former Bush administration for a missile defense system in central Europe aimed at what was framed as a looming long-range missile threat from so-called "rogue states,' principally Iran. 美国和俄罗斯的关系去年变坏,部分原因是前总统布什的政府急于在中欧部署导弹防御体系,声称这套防御体系是要对付主要来自伊朗等所谓“无赖”国家迫在眉睫的远程导弹威胁。The Bush plan called for stationing of 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a related radar system in the Czech Republic. Though the Bush administration offered Moscow transparency measures including on-site inspections, Russia adamantly opposed the program as a threat to its own missile deterrence. 布什政府的导弹防御计划要在波兰部署10枚拦截导弹,在捷克共和国部署配套的雷达系统。尽管当时的布什政府采取了允许莫斯科到现场进行核查等透明措施,俄罗斯仍然坚决反对这项计划,认为这是对俄罗斯导弹威慑力量的威胁。Russia's Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin told the Reuters new agency Moscow would wait to see how the ed States follows-up on Burns's remarks but he said if the Obama administration does review its missile defense plan, it would be a big gift to the region.  俄罗斯驻北约组织代表罗戈辛对路透社说,莫斯科要看看在伯恩斯发表上述言论之后,美国到底如何行动。不过,罗戈辛表示,如果奥巴马政府的确重新审议导弹防御计划,那将是送给该地区的一份厚礼。Diplomacy vs. missilesAt a news briefing, State Department Deputy Spokesman Gordon Duguid said it is heartening that Burn's remarks in Moscow were seemingly well-received. 美国国务院副发言人戈登.杜吉德在新闻发布会上说,伯恩斯在莫斯科的这番话似乎受到欢迎,令人鼓舞。He said the new U.S. administration still supports missile defense, provided it is threat-specific and that the technology for it proves feasible and cost-effective. 杜吉德说,新一届美国政府仍然持导弹防御计划,前提是针对具体的威胁,而且防御系统技术行之有效,费用适当。Duguid also said the need for a missile-defense system would diminish if efforts by the ed States, Russia and other major powers to dissuade Iran from developing nuclear weapons can show success. 杜吉德还说,如果美国、俄罗斯等主要国家阻止伊朗发展核武器的努力能够取得成功,那么建立导弹防御系统的必要性就会减小。"We will pursue the issue of missile defense but obviously we are going to take into account a number of factors. One is whether the system works. Another is whether it is cost-effective. Another is the nature of the threat. If through strong diplomacy we and our other partners, including Russia can reduce or eliminate the threat, it obviously shapes the way we look at missile defense and its deployment," he said. 杜吉德说:“我们将实施导弹防御计划,不过很显然,我们会考虑几个因素。其中之一是这套体系是否行之有效,另一个因素是这套系统是否费用适当。再有就是我们面临的威胁的性质。如果通过强有力的外交工作,我们和俄罗斯等合作伙伴国家能够降低或者消除这种威胁,那显然就达到了我们考虑导弹防御体系和部署这套系统所要达到的目的。”The ed States along with the other permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany - the P-5+1 - have offered Iran various incentives to stop a uranium-enrichment program U.S. and European officials believe is weapons-related. 美国和联合国安理会其它几个常任理事国以及德国向伊朗提出了各种激励方案,以换取伊朗停止铀浓缩计划,美国和欧洲官员认为伊朗的铀浓缩计划跟武器有关。Iran, which says its nuclear program is peaceful, has ignored three Security Council sanctions resolutions on the issue. The Bush administration wanted even tougher sanctions though Russia and China have to date resisted the idea. 伊朗对安理会就其铀浓缩计划通过的三项制裁决议置之不理,声称其核计划用于和平目的。布什政府曾希望对伊朗进行更加严厉的制裁,但是俄罗斯和中国到目前为止一直反对这样做。Undersecretary Burns and his P-5+1 colleagues held their first meeting on Iran since the new U.S. administration took office last week in Germany. 美国国务次卿伯恩斯以及五加一国家中的同行上星期在德国就伊朗问题举行了新一届美国政府上任以来的首次会议。Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not yet had a face-to-face meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. But European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana said in Washington Friday they will meet March 6 in Geneva, a day after a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels. 美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿还没有跟俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫举行面对面会谈。不过欧盟负责外交政策的官员索拉纳星期五在华盛顿表示,两人3月6号将在日内瓦会晤,也就是北约外长布鲁塞尔会议结束后的第二天。02/62397。
  • Japan's disaster日本的灾难A crisis of leadership, too 也是领导力的危机The many-headed catastrophe points to deeper-seated problems in governing Japan棘手的灾祸背后,日本政府深层次的弊病显露出来SINCE the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Japanese were turned upside down by earthquake, tsunami, fire and looming nuclear threat, people around the globe have watched, amazed, at the survivors’ composure—“stoicism” is the word they most often reach for. There have been few complaints, just civic-minded initiative. All along the coast, the urgent talk is not just about survival in the face of shortages of food, water and fuel. Stricken communities are desperate to start rebuilding their towns.地震,海啸,大火以及日益严重的核辐射把日本人的生活搅得翻天覆地,几十万日本人受到影响。而此时此刻,全世界都将目光聚焦日本,惊叹于幸存者的沉着淡定。而“坚忍克己”是他们嘴边形容日本最常用的词。日本人很少抱怨什么,有的只是互帮互助。目前,震区食物,水源以及燃料短缺,对于灾区人民来说,最迫切的不仅仅是如何活下去,还是重建家园Stoicism is an admirable response to what fate deals you. It also serves as a coping mechanism in the face of incomprehension. And the Japanese no longer just find it hard to understand how nature could deal such a blow; increasingly, they want to know why the government of a rich and orderly land should be taking so long to tame an overheating nuclear plant and get help to communities ravaged by the tsunami. A lack of water, food and warmth are a fresh and acute source of suffering. Despite the scale of the humanitarian disaster, some of the suffering is avoidable. The system is letting citizens down.面对自然的“摧残”,“坚忍克己”是多么的令人敬佩。对于自己无法理解的东西,保持坚忍克己,也实为不错。现在,日本不仅不明白自然为何会如此残暴,他们更难以理解的是,为何在一个如此富裕有序的国度里,政府却要花如此长的时间才能控制住过热的核机组,才能援救饱受海啸摧残的人民。目前,人们饱受着食物以及饮水短缺的痛苦,情况紧急。撇开大规模的人道主义灾难不说,某些痛苦还是可以避免的。日本的国家体制让人民失望至极。This criticism may seem harsh. For a start, Naoto Kan, the prime minister, has maintained relative calm despite the menacing situation at Fukushima Dai-ichi, the crippled nuclear plant. His government has also been far more transparent than its predecessors. The Bank of Japan acted promptly, providing liquidity to prevent a natural disaster from becoming a financial one.批评的声音也许还真是刺耳。一开始,尽管福岛核电站爆炸,情况紧急,但日本首相菅直人处事还是比较冷静的。菅直人当局也要比前任政府公开透明的多。日本中央也是迅速做出反应,出动流动资金,避免灾害殃及金融业。201103/129760。
  • Protest in Hong Kong香港的抗议Monsoon of their discontent不满之风An annual ritual turns into an expression of grievances一个年度的惯例演变成了不满的表达Jul 7th 2011 | HONG KONG | from the print edition ON JULY 1st 2003 half a million people took to the streets of Hong Kong, forced the government to give up on a reviled law and ended the career of the territory’s chief executive, Tung Chee-hwa. This is not a Tung Chee-hwa moment, but the kettle is boiling again. On July 1st throngs of angry Hong Kong people rallied between Victoria Park and the government buildings in Central—more than 200,000, according to organisers—shouting, singing, whistling and waving banners demanding democratic rights, great and small. It was the largest popular demonstration on Chinese territory in several years. The people of Hong Kong, so often quiescent, are angry again: at their local government and at meddling by the national authorities in faraway Beijing.2003年7月1日,五十万民众走上香港街头,迫使政府放弃备受诟病的法律和结束特区行政长官董建华的职业生涯。此时已不是董建华的重要时刻,但是壶水再一次沸腾了。据组织者说,7月1日超过20万愤怒的香港民众集结在维多利亚公园和中环的政府大楼,大声呼喊,放声歌唱,吹着哨子,举着横幅要求各阶层人民的民主权利。这是这几年中国辖区内范围最大的示威游行。通常沉寂的香港民众再一次对地方政府和远在北京的国家当局的干预愤怒了。On the next business day, July 4th, the government blinked, postponing a controversial revision to Hong Kong’s electoral law, which would have banned by-elections for vacated seats in the Legislative Council (Legco). The government had wanted to do this to prevent its opponents from repeating a stunt from last year, when they engineered by-elections to improvise a kind of straw poll on democracy itself.下一个工作日,7月4日,政府推迟了有争议的香港选举法修正法案,这个修正法案禁止立法委员会空缺职位的递补选举。政府想通过这防止反对者重复去年的伎俩,当时反对者们炮制了递补选举,做了一个临时的关于民主本身的民意测验投票。Never mind that those by-elections drew only 17% of registered voters to the polls. The government is hell-bent on keeping voters away from anything that looks like a referendum. It thinks its very legitimacy is at stake.那些递补选举无关紧要,他们仅仅吸引了17%的注册选民参与民意测验投票。政府竭力使选民远离类似公投性质的投票。政府认为其合法性是有问题的。Before the July 1st protest, it had argued that the proposed change was urgently needed before Legco’s next session could begin. Now there will be a “public consultation”, meaning a two-month pause in which the government must hope the protesters lose interest or go on holiday.7月1日抗议之前,政府已经对在立法委员会下届会议之前改动提议的迫切性进行了争论。现在将会有一个“民意征询”,即暂停两个月,这两个月内政府最好希望抗议者对此失去兴趣或外出度假。201107/144106。
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