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Eating less #39;can boost your brain and help you remember more#39;吃得少能刺激大脑智力 帮你提高 Eating less could help you remember more, researchers have found.有研究者发现,吃得少能提高。Skipping dessert and having an after-dinner coffee instead could also be good for your brain, as well as your waistline.放弃餐后甜点,来一杯餐后咖啡,有益于你的脑子,也有助于控制你的腰围。The news comes from an Italian study into lsquo;calorific restrictionrsquo; ndash; the idea that near-starvation rations boost health and extend life.这样的说法来自于一个意大利的关于;卡路里限制;的研究,而研究显示,接近饥饿的食物配给能有助于促进健康和延长寿命。Scientists have long known of the phenomenon, but have struggled to work out just what it is about severely cutting calories that improves health.科学家们在很久以前就得知这种现象,但通过近期的努力钻研,科学家们才知晓大量减少卡路里能增进身体健康到底是怎么一回事。Researcher Giovambattista Pani decided to focus on a protein called CREB1 that is known to be important to memory and learning.科学家Giovambattista Pani决定对一种名为CREB1的蛋白质作针对性研究,而这种蛋白质对于学习能力和记忆能力是十分重要的。In experiments on mice, he showed that cutting calories boosted learning if the animals could still make CREB1. He also showed that cutting calories boosts the amount of the protein made in the brain. The animalsrsquo; calorie count was only cut by 25 to 30 per cent. In human terms, this equates to about 600 calories a day.在老鼠的实体试验中,他发现在老鼠大脑持续产出CREB1的情况下,减少卡路里能增加记忆能力。同时,他也得出,减少卡路里也能促进大脑细胞数量的增长。实验中只是让小白鼠减少25-30%的卡路里摄入,而在人体内,这相当于每天减少600卡路里。A cup of tea or coffee may also be beneficial, with studies crediting caffeine with upping the amount of CREB1 made in the body. The work by Dr Pani, of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome is detailed in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.研究显示,咖啡因能让身体多产CREB1蛋白质。那么,喝一杯茶,或是品一杯咖啡会是非常有益。这个研究项目由罗马圣心天主教大学的Pani士负责,该研究的具体细节刊登在《国家科学院学报》的期刊论文上。Dr Pani said: lsquo;It is just 25 to 30 per cent fewer calories. It is like not eating a cake at the end of the meal. This gives us a tool to better investigate this brain circuitry and try to figure out more drugs that do the same. We are trying a couple of compounds right now on animals but it is at a very preliminary stage.Pani士表示:;这项实验仅仅需要减少25-30%的卡路里,只是让你感觉像是没吃餐后甜点一样。这为我们提供了更好的研究大脑路径的方法,我们也尝试找出更多的药物减少卡路里,提高记忆。我们即将在活体上尝试几种复合物,但这还停留在非常初步的阶段。;Keeping the brain young could be of huge value in an ageing population. Alzheimer#39;s and other forms of dementia affect more than 800,000 Britons, and the number expected to double in a generation.在人口老龄化的今天,保持大脑活性将拥有巨大的价值。阿尔茨海默氏症以及其它形式的痴呆症影响着超过80万英国人,而下一代患痴呆症的人数将会是上述数据的两倍。Dr Pani said: lsquo;Our findings identify for the first time an important mediator of the effects of diet on the brain. This discovery has important implications to develop future therapies to keep our brain young and prevent brain degeneration and the ageing process. Our hope is to find a way to activate CREB1, for example through new drugs, so to keep the brain young without the need of a strict diet.rsquo;Pani士表示:;我们的研究第一次确认了饮食习惯对大脑产生影响的中介物质。这次的发现意义重大,我们可以研发出创新疗法,让我们的大脑保持活性,还能防止大脑衰退和老龄化进程。我们希望寻求一种激活CREB1蛋白质的方法,例如通过新药(而不是制定严格的饮食计划)就能让大脑保持活性。; /201112/165832福州市治疗阳痿早泄费用福州包皮环切手术费用男女之间存在柏拉图式的(platonic)纯洁友谊吗?前不久热播的台湾偶像剧《我可能不会爱你》讨论的正是这一话题,男女主角以朋友的身份相识十五载,而爱情一直伴随友情悄然成长。Do you believe in pure friendship between a man and woman?你相信男女之间存在纯洁的友情吗?Yes, that#39;s a tacky question. But like ;love at first sight;, screenwriters, filmmakers and TV producers still have a lot to say about platonic friendship.诚然,这是个有些俗套的问题。但就如同;一见钟情;式的爱情一样,这种柏拉图式的纯洁友谊仍被编剧,电影、电视制片人们所津津乐道。The latest work of this type is the Taiwanese romantic drama In Time With You, which tells the story of Cheng Youqing (Ariel Lin) and Li Daren (Bolin Chen), who end up together after being each other#39;s best friend for 14 years.这一类型的最新代表作当数台湾偶像剧《我可能不会爱你》。剧中讲述了程又青(林依晨饰)和李大仁(陈柏霖饰)再做了14年好友后,最终携手走到一起的故事。They have very different personalities and sometimes you just don#39;t see the attraction. Cheng#39;s a tough, stubborn young woman; Li is a warm-hearted, soft kind of guy who often gives in to Cheng#39;s bad temper and takes care of her.两人性格截然不同,有时你也不明白这两个为什么会彼此来电。程又青是一个固执的姑娘,而李大仁是一个热心,温柔的小伙子,常常要忍让程又青的坏脾气,还要一直照顾她。All his kindness to her is in terms of friendship of course, because Li has once said that he would never fall in love with a girlfriend like Cheng. The pair also swear that they would never be romantically attracted to each other.当然,李大仁对程又青的百般呵护完全出自于友情,因为大仁曾说过他绝不会爱上程又青这样的女生。他们还一同发誓永远不会喜欢上对方。During their search for potential lovers, Cheng often says the girlfriends Li finds don#39;t suit him. Meanwhile, Li is not happy with the guy Cheng is going out with. As time goes by, Li can#39;t deny his feelings for Cheng. Yet he#39;s unwilling to accept the truth because he doesn#39;t want to ruin their friendship.在他们寻找可能牵手的恋人对象时,程又青常常认为李大仁交的女友配不上他。同时,李大仁也对程又青的交往对象感到不满意。随着时间推移,李大仁无法否认对程又青的感情,但他不愿接受这个事实,因为他不想破坏他们的友谊。So, as ;I would never fall in love with you; becomes ;I might not love you;, the series comes back to a simple point: to hide the true feelings in one#39;s heart, or, to take a risk and tell the truth?所以,;我绝不会爱上你;的誓言变成了;我可能不会爱你;。全剧回归到最简单的问题:是去隐藏心中的真实感受,还是冒险说出真相?It#39;s a hard decision either way ; lying to ourselves is as painful as the risk of losing one of the most important people in our lives. But Li takes the risk anyway ; fortunately, Cheng is there for him, like always.无论选哪个,这都是个艰难的抉择,因为欺骗自己的感情同可能会失去生活中最重要的人,两者都让人痛心。而李大仁决定无论如何也要冒这次险,幸运的是,程又青已经站在他身边了,或者说她从未离开过。The ending might make you believe less in platonic friendship between men and women, but it also seems to deliver a positive message: If you#39;re lucky enough to have a soul mate like Cheng or Li, never let him or her go, because he or she might be ;the one;.尽管故事结局或许会让你对男女之间柏拉图式的纯洁友情更生疑问,但它似乎也传达出积极的讯息,那就是:如果你足够幸运,身边有一位像程又青或李大仁这样的精神伴侣,不要错过,因为他/她可能就是你的真命天子。 /201201/168116福州市治前列腺的医院

福州泌尿专科不孕不育科永泰县不孕不育收费好不好Here and there is the occasional temple, most memorably the tiny Wat Paa Huak, which has orange walls covered with stunning murals depictingexotica such as white tigers. Looking down on the other temples is Wat Chom Si, which perches on a rocky outcrop next to the main street. Outside it, women sell birds in tiny pink-dyed bamboo birdcages; release a bird and your wish will come true. A couple of hours upriver are two more unusual temples, hidden in caves carved out of the cliffs by the Mekong millennia ago. In each are hundreds of gilded Buddhas of all different sizes, left by worshippers. Some are intricate, immaculately carved, big and grand. Others arelopsided, as small as a chess piece, or a thimble, and squiffy-eyed, as if they have availed themselves of too much of the local rice whisky. The higher of the two caves, a steep climb up 200 steps, is dark and at first seems empty. But with a torch, suddenly the Buddhas transmogrify en masse, a magical entity dazzling out of the darkness.这里随处可见寺庙,最令人印象深刻的是那座小小的帕华可寺,那里橙色的墙上有各色慑人的壁画,描绘着白虎这类珍禽异兽。接着来看另一所寺庙;;宗西寺,它坐落在主街旁那片石崖上。庙门外有妇女售卖装在粉红色小竹笼里的小鸟,放生一只小鸟你的愿望就会实现。沿着河流乘船逆行两个小时,就可以来到另外两座非同一般的寺庙,它们建在湄公河边岩壁上凿出的岩洞里,已经有千年历史了。每座寺庙里都有几百尊不同尺寸的镀金佛像,这些都是香客捐塑的。有些佛像雕刻精美,尺寸巨大。有些则倾斜着,像一枚棋子或顶针那样细小,醉眼朦胧的,仿佛它们喝了太多 本地米酒。到较高的那个岩洞去要爬上200级陡峭的台阶,洞里光线很暗,初看像是空空如也。但是用电筒一照,佛像突然齐齐显现了,在黑暗中神奇地发出耀眼的光芒。Back in Luang Prabang, at dawn the spiritually inclined;along with the more dedicated visitors;kneel along the length of the main street with offerings of rice for the crocodiles of passing orange-clad monks. To each you must offer a handful from your tip khao;the traditional woven bamboo pot. Next on the morning to-do list for locals is the market, which snakes along a narrow street in the centre of town. There are plenty of peculiar things for sale;squirrels, assorted rodents, crickets;but the main focus is fish and shellfish, particularly the small pinky-orange Mekong crabs, which are strung on large hoops of bamboo as if on some mermaid-gaoler#39;s key ring. And then there are the vegetables: neat, abundant piles of morning glory and watercress, and so-called river weeds (a Mekong speciality). Everywhere you look there are mini-mountains of chillies and limes, both key ingredients in the national dish of laap, a spicy minced meat or fish salad.回到琅勃拉邦。清晨时分,沿着大街跪满了虔诚而专注的香客们,他们向一队队穿着橙色袈裟的和尚们施舍大米。你必须从传统的编织竹篓里拿出米来分给那些和尚,每人一把。当地人接下来要在早上做的第二件事情就是去市场。市场位于市中心一条狭窄的街道上。有很多特别的东西在那里售卖;;松鼠,各种鼠类,蟋蟀等,但最多的还是鱼和贝类。特别是淡红色的湄公河小蟹,用竹环扎起来,好像美人鱼看守人的钥匙环。还有那些蔬菜:堆得整整齐齐的圆叶牵牛花、豆瓣菜以及所谓的;河籽;(湄公河的一种特产)。到处都可以看见堆成小山般的辣椒和酸橙,这两样都是老挝人做主菜;腊普;(一种用肉糜或鱼做成的香辣色拉)的主要食材。The eating houses of Luang Prabang are the best in the country. Here is the place to try out a cuisine that is much-loved in neighbouring Thailand;but difficult to find elsewhere in the world. Plus, its stylish, tourist-targeted shops bear dangerous testimony to the country#39;s French past; as well as pretty antiques there are tasteful modern 43)reworkings of old textiles and 44)objet trouveacute; (particularly 45)covetable are the silver tip khao).琅勃拉邦的餐馆是全国最好的。在这里一定要试试备受邻国泰国人喜爱的老挝菜,因为在世界上其他地方不容易尝到。此外,琅勃拉邦那些颇有品位,专做游客生意的店铺,还有那些高雅的古董店里陈列着的精美的古董复制品(特别吸引人的是那些银质的竹篓)都印着这个国家曾为法国殖民地的过去。But, this being Laos, you only need to cross the river to forget about shops and restaurants, about modernity itself. Hire a bicycle in town and 46)hitch a ride with a local boatman for a couple of dollars, and you can cycle out into the paddy fields and villages. Stop occasionally to watch the locals playing their version of 47)boules, or marvel at a tiny child atop a bicycle built for someone three times their size, or another child skillfully 48)cleaving a chicken in the yard. Glimpse a mother rocking her baby in a cradle strung between the stilts under the house, or watch a farmer and his family constantly bent, it seems, in the rice paddies. And then when you cycle back to the river bank, the boatman is waiting for you. And he is, of course, smiling.但是,这就是老挝,你只要过了河就可以把那些商铺、餐馆抛诸脑后,把现代社会的一切忘得干干净净。花几美元在镇上租一辆自行车,接着携车免费搭乘当地船夫的小船渡一程后,你就能到乡村和稻田间去骑游。随走随停,看当地人玩本地版的法国式滚木球游戏,或惊奇地发现小孩子骑着比他们身体大三倍的自行车,或是观看另一个小孩在院子里熟练地杀鸡,或瞥见一位母亲摇着那吊在屋子柱子之间的摇篮,或看到一位农民和他的家人在稻田里持续地弯着腰劳作。然后,当你骑车回到河岸的时候,你会发现,船夫正在等你,当然,他面带微笑。 /201202/171275Science and Technology Prevention of cancer Wonder drug科技 预防癌症 特效药Aspirin continues to amaze阿司匹林让人吃惊的另一面FOR thousands of years aspirin has been humanity#39;s wonder drug.几千年来,阿司匹林就一直是人类的特效药。Extracts from the willow tree have been used for pain relief in folk medicine since the time of the ancient Greeks.从古希腊开始,在民间医药中,人们就用柳树的萃取物缓解疼痛。By 1897 a synthetic derivative (acetyl salicylic acid) of the plant#39;s active ingredient (salicin) was created. This allowed aspirin to become the most widely used medicine in the world.1897年,这种植物中的有效成分的人工合成衍生物诞生了,于是阿司匹林变成了世界上应用最广泛的药品。In recent years its benefits as a blood-thinning drug have led to it being prescribed in low doses of around 50mg to reduce deaths from stroke and heart attack.最近几年,由于阿司匹林的防血凝功能,在用其治疗中风和心脏病的时候,剂量很小,维持在50mg的水平左右。There were also hints that aspirin may help prevent some cancers.也有迹象表明阿司匹林可以帮助预防一些癌症。But these were mostly based on observational studies, which can be misleading.不过这些结论大多都是在观察研究的基础上的,因而有可能产生误导。The gold standard of scientific evidence is the randomised controlled trial, preferably one with a lot of people and held over a long time.国际上科学据的标准是由随机对照实验得出的结果,尤其是那些有很多人参与又经过很长时间的实验。The results of just such a trial, published in the Lancet, suggest that aspirin is indeed an astonishing drug.而就是这样一份发表在《柳叶刀》上的论文表示阿司匹林的确是一种让人吃惊的药物。Peter Rothwell at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and his colleagues looked at deaths due to cancers during and after randomised trials of daily aspirin.来自牛津的约翰·拉德克里夫医院的彼得·罗思韦尔(Peter Rothwell)和他的同事们研究了在每日用阿司匹林的随机对照实验期间或者之后因癌症而死亡的病例。The trials had actually been started to look at how useful aspirin was for preventing heart attacks and strokes. Nevertheless, the data from the 25,570 patients enrolled in eight trials was also revealing about cancer.这一实验本是为了研究阿司匹林在防止心脏病和中风方面的疗效的,然而八项试验25570名患者的数据也揭示了阿司匹林对于癌症的疗效。In trials lasting between four and eight years, the patients who had been given aspirin were 21% less likely to die from cancer than those who had been given a placebo.在那些历时4到8年之间的实验中,用阿司匹林的患者因癌症而死亡的概率比那些用安慰剂的患者小了21%。These results were based on 674 cancer deaths, so are unlikely to represent the kind of statistical oddity that can beset studies on cancer risks that sometimes create headlines.这些结果是在674例癌症死亡病例的基础上得出的,所以不大可能是所谓的统计学上的例外。对癌症风险的研究会因这种例外而受挫,有时甚至会闹成大新闻。The benefits of aspirin were also apparent many years after the trials had ended.试验结束后的很多年后,阿司匹林的效果也仍旧明显。After five years, death rates for all cancers fell by 35% and for gastrointestinal cancers by 54%.五年后,所有癌症的死亡率下降了35%,而胃肠道癌症的死亡率则下降了54%。A long-term follow-up of patients showed that the 20-year risk of cancer death remained 20% lower in those who had taken aspirin.一项长期的病情跟踪报告显示,那些用阿司匹林的患者的20年内的癌症死亡风险比那些不用的低了20%。The study revealed that the effect takes time to accrue, so aspirin must be taken over a long period.这项研究揭示了阿司匹林的效果是随着时间而递增的,所以必须长期用才行。The latent period for improving oesophageal, pancreatic, brain and lung cancer was about five years of aspirin taking on a daily basis.For stomach and colorectal cancer the effects took ten years and for prostate cancer about 15 years.每日用阿司匹林对改善食管癌,胰腺癌,脑癌和肺癌的潜伏期为5年,对胃癌和结直肠癌则要花10年才能起作用,而前列腺癌则要15年。The means by which aspirin prevents cancer is not well understood.这意味着目前还不清楚阿司匹林到底是怎么预防癌症的。It is believed that it inhibits an enzyme that promotes cell proliferation in tumours.研究人员认为阿司匹林阻碍了一种在肿瘤内部促进细胞增殖的酶的活动。The researchers also found that small daily doses of aspirin were enough, and that taking more than 75mg conferred no additional benefits.研究者还发现,每天用小剂量的阿司匹林就已足够,剂量超过75mg后不会再增加效果。Those starting on aspirin in their late 40s or 50s benefit most.那些从四五十岁末就开始用阿司匹林的人得到的效果最好。Current guidelines on using aspirin for reducing the chances of a stroke or heart attack rightly warn of the small risk of ulcers and of dangerous bleeding in the stomach.目前在用阿司匹林治疗中风或者心脏病时,用药说明上会明确提醒有可能出现溃疡和危险性胃出血。These guidelines will probably have to be revised given the new findings.而鉴于这些新发现,这些说明很可能将要被修改了。However, it remains unlikely that popping aspirin will be recommended for everyone like a vitamin supplement.不过阿司匹林泡腾片不大可能像维生素补充剂一样被推广至每一个人。Aspirin is a highly cost-effective treatment: taking it for five to ten years easily beats initiatives to screen for breast and prostate cancers.用阿司匹林是一种非常划算的治疗:只要吃五到十年,就能打败那些让你做乳腺癌或者前列腺癌扫描的建议。To put it another way, ask yourself what a pharmaceuticals firm might charge for a drug that would reduce the chance of death by cancer by 20%—and then note that 100 days#39; supply of low-dose aspirin can cost less than a dollar.换种说法,问问你自己,什么样的医药公司在看到100天的小剂量阿司匹林供应量还值不到一美元时,会对这种能够减少20%癌症死亡几率的药品开价呢?By anyone#39;s measure, that is a bargain.不管按照哪一方的标准,这都是一笔非常划算的交易。 /201301/220729政和县医院泌尿科咨询When tension headaches creep up, you can forget about having a productive day. Often due to tight, contracted muscles in your shoulders, neck, scalp, and jaw, tension headaches result from stress, depression, or anxiety. Getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals, and maintaining a Zen state will help reduce your likelihood of headaches. It's unlikely that you're boss will let you take five in a lotus position; however, here are some desk-appropriate stretches and natural supplements that can help ease the throbbing pain while you are at the office. 一旦紧张性头疼悄然光临,那你的这一天就别想好过了。压力过大、压抑或者焦虑引起的肩膀、颈部、头皮和下巴的肌肉收缩往往是导致紧张性头疼的原因。充足的睡眠、合理膳食以及保持禅宗的心态将帮助你减少潜在的头疼发生。当然,想让你的老板给你五分钟的打坐状态是不太可能的。不过,下面这些室内保健操和天然的补品或许能帮助你减轻在工作时搏动性疼痛给你带来的折磨。Seated Neck Release 颈部放松操 Stretch your tight neck with a Seated Neck Release. While sitting in a comfortable position, place your right hand on the left side of your head and gently tilt your head to the right. Hold for a few breaths and then switch sides. Repeat one more time. 让颈部放松操帮助你舒缓紧绷的脖子。找一个舒适的姿势坐下,将你的右手放在头部的左侧,轻轻的将头部想右侧倾斜。持续几秒再转向另一侧,记得要重复一次哦。 Here are a few more desk-friendly techniques for releasing neck tension. 这里还有更多适合在办公桌前放松颈部的技巧。Almond Snack 试试这些杏仁小点心 Eating a handful of almonds could help ease a tiny headache, because they contain salicin, which is a pain reliever similar to aspirin. 吃上几粒杏仁可以帮助你减轻头痛,这些小东西富含水杨苷,有着和阿司匹林类似的去痛效果。Scapular Retraction 拉扯你的肩胛骨 A tight chest leads to poor posture, poor posture leads to tight muscles, and tight muscles lead to tension headaches. Pulling your shoulder blades together is a great way to treat the issue. As the name sounds, scapular retraction will help you open your chest and get the blood flowing to your shoulder and upper back muscles. 紧绷的胸部会引起不健康的姿势,不健康的姿势自然导致肌肉的紧缩,紧张性头痛也就会随之而来。试着将你的肩胛骨拉在一起不失为一个解决这一问题的好方法。拉扯肩胛骨能够帮着你打开胸腔,从而促进了肩膀和上背部肌肉的血液流动。 Here's how: sitting up straight, especially while at your desk, will help prevent neck tension and tension headaches. Be sure not to lean your head forward or "turtle neck" when pressing shoulder blades together. Actively push your neck back to strengthen and stretch the front part of your neck while completing this exercise. Press your shoulders down and push your scapulae together. Release and repeat 15 times. 方法如下:当你坐在办公桌前时,将身体坐直会帮助你远离颈部僵硬和紧张性头疼。记住,当你拉扯肩胛骨时千万不要将头前倾或是做出像乌龟脖子一样的姿势。做练习的同时,将你的脖子向后伸展以拉伸颈部前部的肌肉。放下肩膀收紧肩胛骨,如此重复15次。Magnesium Supplement 补充镁元素 If you are prone to migraines, many doctors will recommended taking a magnesium oxide supplement. You can either take one pill every morning as a preventative measure, or take one when you feel a headache looming. I particularly love drinking Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement(, 16 oz.), a powder that you mix with hot water to form a hot, fizzy beverage. It's a quick, calming solution. 如果偏头疼市场光临,许多医生都会建议你摄入一些氧化镁。你可以每天早晨吃上一粒当做预防措施,也可以选择当老朋友要光临时再吃上一颗。我特别喜欢饮用天然镁补品(23美元/16盎司),只要加点热水,一杯热腾腾的饮料就可帮你快速的解决问题。 Jaw Massage 你的下巴 If you clench your jaw when stressed, try a relaxingjaw massage. Release these muscles by making fists with both of your hands and massaging the area with your knuckles just under your cheek bones. You can find patches of tightness by moving your knuckles up and down, and then side to side. Also, drop your jaw and yawn, to stretch those muscles and get a boost of oxygen to your brain. 如果你在感受到压力是常常紧抓你的下巴,试试放松下巴的吧。你只需双手握拳,用指关节轻轻的脸颊下部就可帮助你放松下巴处的肌肉。通过上下左右的,你就会发下那些紧绷的肌肉,拉伸这些肌肉会帮助你的大脑获得更多的氧气。 /201110/155912建省南平市第一医院尿科

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