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2017年12月11日 13:53:25

财富500强 京东打败阿里上榜(双语) --30 18::1 来源:sohu 最近发布的《财富世界500强名单,1家中国企业上榜,其中家黑马企业首次上榜,包括制造业大头中国中车股份有限公司、电子商务巨头京东、家电制造商美的集团和房地产开发商万达集团 A record 1 Chinese companies have squeezed onto the latest tune Global 500 list, of which made their debut, including manufacturing powerhouse China Railway Rolling Stock Corp, e-commerce juggernaut JD.com, home appliance maker Midea and property developer Wanda. 专家分析,更多的中国企业能够上榜实属情理之中我国在制造业改造升级、大力促进创新和驱动消费方面做出了不懈努力随着中国在电子商务、和房地产领域的巨大市场潜力的提升,从中受益的更多相关企业会进入《财富世界500强名单 Experts said that it is not surprising more Chinese companies to be listed, because of the country's relentless efts to upgrade manufacturing, boost innovation and drive consumption. As more technology and commerce companies and benefit from China's tremendous market potential in e-commerce, entertainment and real estate segments, they will make the tune Global 500 list. 在首次上榜《财富世界500强的中国企业中,京东以8 亿 5000 万的年度收入排在第366位 专家解释,;京东的上榜明了中国电子移动商务产业的飞速成长京东本身就是电子商务运营的巨头,而阿里巴巴更像是为众多网店务的务提供商,这就是为什么阿里巴巴的年收入没有京东那么多的原因中国未来将成为最大的电子商务消费市场,并逐渐形成一个以消费者为导向的新型商业模式” Among the debut tune Global 500 companies from China, JD.com ranks at 366, with revenue reaching $.85 billion last year. ;It is not a surprise, given how quickly China e-commerce has been growing ,; Xu said. JD.com positions itself as a self-managing e-commerce giant. Alibaba acts more like a service provider to numerous online shops, which is why Alibaba's revenue is not as huge as JD.com's. China will become the largest e-commerce and consumption market and will nurture a new consumer-centric ecosystem, expert said. 名单中还有其他几个引人注目的企业,万科以93 亿 3000 万的年收入排在第356名,房地产巨头大连万达集团排在第385名,恒大地产集团排在第96名 China Vanke debuted on the list at 356, with annual revenue of .33 billion, followed by real estate giants Dalian Wanda Group at 385 and Evergrande Real Estate Group at 96. 首次上榜全球财富500强的十二家中国企业名单: Twelve Chinese companies have appeared on the tune Global 500 list the first time 66 中国中车股份有限公司CRRC 9 中国船舶工业集团公司 China State Shipbuilding 356 中国万科China Vanke 366 京东 JD.com 381 中国航天科技集团公司China Aerospace Science and Industry 385 大连万达集团 Dalian Wanda Group 中国电子科技集团公司 China Electronics Technology Group 7 新中国人寿保险 New China Life Insurance 73 长江和记实业有限公司 CK Hutchison Holdings 81 美的集团 Midea Group 95 万洲国际集团 WH Group 96 恒大地产集团Evergrande Real Estate Group English Source: China Daily弋矶山医院男科咨询寡出演《攻壳机动队引粉丝不满 -- :37:30 来源: 不久之前,寡要出演《攻壳机动队的消息刷爆了圈,但是不少老粉丝却表示寡的形象气质和原著主角不符,对此,该片制片人最近为自己的“国际化”观点进行了辩护 Fans of the Japanese manga series Ghost In The Shell were outraged after it was revealed Scarlett Johansson had been cast in the Asian role.日前有媒体报道说寡斯嘉丽·约翰逊将出演《攻壳机动队中的女主角,此事引起了大批该漫画粉丝的不满And now the movie’s producer Steven Paul has defended claims of ’whitewashing’ the role which has seen the name of the original character alter from Motoko Kusanagi to The Major.之前曾有指责说这部电影“粉饰”了这个角色(这个角色名来自于草薙素子,出自《攻壳机动队),而最近制片人斯蒂芬·保罗进行了辩护’I don’t think it was just a Japanese story. Ghost in the Shell was a very international story, and it wasn’t just focused on Japanese; it was supposed to be an entire world,’ he explained to Buzzfeed News.保罗对Buzzfeed新闻说道:“我认为这并不仅仅只是一个日本故事《攻壳机动队是一个非常国家化的故事,而不仅仅只关注日本;它应该是一个面向整个世界的故事”’That’s why I say the international approach is, I think, the right approach to it,’ he continued.他继续说道:“我认为,那也正是为什么我说国际化策略是改编这部电影正确策略”Drawing on his ’international’ inspiration, he stated: ’There (are) all sorts of people and nationalities in the world in Ghost in the Shell.保罗描述了他的“国际化”灵感,说道:“在《攻壳机动队的世界里,这里有各种各样的人种和民族”’We’re utilising people from all over the world. There’s Japanese in it. There’s Chinese in it. There’s English in it. There’s Americans in it.’“我们在利用来自全世界各地的人这里面有日本人这里面有中国人这里面有英国人这里面有美国人”The controversy further escalated after reports emerged of the movie studios running CGI tests to alter the appearances of the white actors involved.关于这一部电影的争议后来进一步加强了,因为从电影制片厂发布的报告来看,CGI测试显示寡的外貌和原著漫画中的女主角相差太多However, Paul didn’t address those particular claims but stated that the remake would be tweaking a few details of the original characters in other to fit in to the new world but has been ’very, very careful’ about it.但是保罗却并没有特别强调这些指责,转而表示说电影改编过程中将会调整原著角色的一些细节,以求能够贴合这个新世界,而且他们的改编过程“非常非常小心”Despite the heated debate in regards to the original series, he’s adamant that fans will love the final product stating: ’They’re going to be very, very happy with it when they see what we’ve actually done with it, and I don’t think anybody’s going to be disappointed.’尽管外界对这部电影和原著之间的不同存在着激烈的争论,但是保罗非常坚定地认为粉丝们会喜欢这部电影,他说道:“当粉丝们看到我们做了些什么的时候,他们将会非常非常开心,我认为所有人都不会失望的”The manga series first came to prominence in 1989 and was the result of Masamune Shirow’s writing and illustration and is the story of a fictional counter cyberterrorist organisation Section 9, which is spearheaded by the human-cyborg hybrid protagonist Motoko Kusanagi.这部连载漫画成名于1989年,士郎正宗创作了这个故事、还执笔了插画这是一个虚构的故事,里面有一个打击网络恐怖分子的组织“第九课”,该组织由主人公草薙素子带领,她是一个半肉体半机械混合的改造人A film anime adaption followed in 1995 where the lead role was voiced by Japanese star Atsuko Tanaka, and then a television series followed in .1995年上映了这部漫画的改编动漫,主角由日本声优田中敦子配音后来在年,还上映了由这部漫画所改编的电视剧Steven’s defense was further cemented by Sam Yoshiba, the director of the international business division at Kodansha- the publisher of the original series.随后萨姆·芳彦进一步巩固了保罗的说辞,芳彦是讲谈社国际商务部的主管,而讲谈社是《攻壳机动队原著的出版商’Looking at her career so far, I think Scarlett Johansson is well cast. She has the cyberpunk feel. And we never imagined it would be a Japanese actress in the first place,’ he told The Hollywood Reporter - and his views may also be cemented by recent reports of Scarlett being Hollywood’s highest grossing film actress.芳彦对《好莱坞报道说道:“从寡目前为止的演艺生涯来看,我认为她是一个很好的演员她给人一种网络黑客的感觉而且我们从来也没有想过一个日本演员会是这一角色的最佳扮演者”而最近的一些报道可以巩固芳彦的观点,这些报道称寡是好莱坞最卖座的电影女演员He also added: ’This is a chance a Japanese property to be seen around the world’ and was reportedly impressed after visiting the set of the movie in New Zealand where there was a considerable amount of respect shown the source material.芳彦还说道:“这是一个让日本作品被全世界人所知的机会而且据报道,新西兰的电影外景给人印象非常深刻,那里有大量和原著相符的场景”The new live action version will be released in cinemas March and will also star Michael Pitt and Juliette Binoche.据悉,《攻壳机动队新真人版电影将于年3月在电影院上映,除了寡之外,一同参演的演员还有迈克尔·皮特和朱丽叶·比诺什宣城朝阳医院尿科民航新规:中国飞行员需要通过普通话测试 --9 :56:3 来源: Chinese pilots told to ditch regional accents   Under new rules posted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China on Friday, pilots will have to pass a “level four” test of Mandarin Chinese, China’s official language. Those who speak with an accent that “often impedes” comprehension will not pass. These rules take effect in January .   中国民用航空局(CAAC)周五发布新规,要求飞行员将必须通过中国官方语言——普通话的“四级”考试如果飞行员的口音重到经常影响沟通,将无法过关新规将于年1月生效   China’s 56 ethnic groups speak more than 80 languages and dialects. Even native Mandarin speakers can have trouble communicating with each other depending on the the strength of their accents, which can be mutually unintelligible.   中国有56个民族,有超过80种方言即使母语同为普通话,各地口音也可能造成沟通障碍   One flight trainer illustrated the scope linguistic confusion, especially when common English aviation terms enter the equation. Asked if there is a problem on board, a Chinese pilot might answer in the negative with the words mei you, or “there isn’t”. But someone speaking with a heavy Sichuan accent would pronounce mei you as “may day” – unwittingly parroting the universally recognised distress call.   不同方言口音可能造成很大混淆,尤其在用到英语航空术语时当被问及飞机上是否有问题时,中国飞行员可能说“没有”,表示否定但有四川口音的飞行员可能把“没有”说成“没得”,听上去很像“may day”——后者是航空业通用的呼救信号   Like their international counterparts, Chinese aviators have developed codes to avoid confusion stemming from homonyms or near-homonyms. They use the terms yao one and guai seven, which are otherwise pronounced yi and qi respectively and easily confused.   中国飞行员与国际同行一样,也开发了一些代码以避免同音字或近音字造成混淆他们用“幺”代替“一”,用“拐”代替“七”如分别读“一”和“七”,则很容易造成混淆   The new rule could affect all pilots, who must renew their licence every six years, and adds to a growing list of burdens the profession.   新规可能影响到所有飞行员,进一步提高他们的职业门槛中国飞行员每6年更新一次执照美国小伙心脏切除后活了555天 背着心脏打篮球 -- ::56 来源: 心脏是人类重要的器官,但美国5岁男子斯坦.拉金在没有心脏的情况下活了555天他之所以能够存活,全靠人工心脏辅助供血更令人惊讶的是,他不仅可以照常生活,还能“背着心脏打篮球” (CNN) While waiting a human heart transplant, Stan Larkin lived 555 days without the organ at all.(CNN)斯坦.拉金的心脏被切除后,活了555天,终于等到了心脏移植To passers-by, the 5-year-old Ypsilanti, Michigan, resident appeared to be a typical young adult. He enjoyed taking his three toddlers to the park and hanging out with his younger brother, Dominique.当你在路上看到他,这个5岁的美国密歇根小伙,他就是一个典型的、正常的年轻人他喜欢带他的三个孩子去公园,还有,和弟弟多米尼克出去闲逛What wasn’t obvious was that a gray backpack Larkin carried was what kept him alive. Inside that bag was the power source an artificial heart pumping in his chest.你不容易发现的一个事实是,拉金背着的这个灰色的背包可是让他维持生命的宝贝——背包里是让他的心脏跳动的人工心脏的动力源Larkin’s real heart was removed from his body in November . It was replaced with a device that allowed Larkin to stay home instead of in a hospital while waiting to receive a transplant.年月,拉金的心脏被摘除,取而代之的是一个设备,使得拉金能在家等待心脏移植,而不必住在医院It finally arrived this year, in May. Now, Larkin is recovering from his procedure at the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center. He is scheduled to return home as early as next week.幸运的是,他终于在今年5月等来了心脏移植现在,拉金在密歇根大学心血管中心等待康复中预计最快下周他就能出院了"Most people would be scared to go so long with [an artificial heart], but I just want to tell them that you have to go through the fear, because it helps you," Larkin said. "I’m going home so fast after the transplant because it helped me stay healthy bee the transplant."“戴这么长时间(人工心脏),大多数人都会感到害怕但我只想告诉他们,你必须克恐惧,因为人工心脏真的起了很大的作用”拉金说,“移植手术后这么短的时间我就能出院了,就是因为在手术前的日子里,它帮助我保持健康”At any given time, there are about ,000 patients nationwide waiting human heart transplants, according to the U.S. Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network.据美国器官获取与移植监控网络称,不管何时,全国范围内总有大约000名患者在等待心脏移植Some patients with end-stage heart failure may wait months or even years bee a suitable donor heart becomes available, said Dr. Billy Cohn, a cardiovascular surgeon and director of the Center Technology and Innovation at the Texas Heart Institute.一些心脏病晚期的患者可能要等待几个月甚至几年的时间,才能等到合适的供体,心血管外科医生、德克萨斯心脏研究所技术和创新中心的主任比利士说"Many of these patients have hearts that are so weak, the kidneys, liver and other critical organs will fail while they are waiting," said Cohn, who was not involved in Larkin’s care. "Many of these patients would die without some m of support," such as an artificial heart.他说,“很多患者的心脏功能都很弱,而在等待合适供体的时间里,他们的肾脏、肝脏和其他重要器官的功能都会衰退因而,很多病人在没有得到某种帮助时,将会死去,比如人工心脏”Larkin didn’t realize that his heart was suffering until nine years ago, when he collapsed without warning while playing in a basketball game. It turned out that Larkin had a genetic m of heart disease called familial cardiomyopathy. His brother, Dominique, , was soon found to have it, too.拉金一直不知道自己的心脏有问题,直到九年前,当他在打篮球时毫无征兆地晕倒结果查出患有被称为家族性心肌症的遗传性心脏病他的弟弟,岁的多米尼克,很快也检查出同样问题Both brothers eventually progressed to heart failure and cardiogenic shock, and they were equipped with artificial heart devices in late . Dominique stayed in the hospital with his device six weeks bee receiving a human heart transplant.兄弟二人的病情最终发展成为心力衰竭和心源性休克,年底,他们配备了人工心脏装置多米尼克在医院等了六周后就接受了心脏移植手术But Larkin, who was thriving with the device, was the perfect candidate to live outside the hospital.然而,依靠人工心脏活着的拉金,是在医院外面的完美候选人"I was shocked when the doctors started telling me that I could live without a heart in my body and that a machine was going to be my heart. Just think about it -- a machine," Larkin said.他说,“一开始,当医生告诉我,没有心脏我依然可以活着——只要用一个机器来替代我的心脏时,我相当震惊想想吧,一个机器”It’s not the first time a patient has lived a long time with an artificial heart, but Larkin became the first patient in Michigan to go home with the portable device.人们靠人工心脏来维持生命,这已经不是首次了但是拉金是密歇根的首位戴着人工心脏、却不住院的病人"Stan was very active and did an immaculate job taking care of himself and taking care of the equipment used to keep him alive," doctor said.医生说,“拉金非常乐观,并且努力的照顾好了他自己,也小心的保护好了这个让他活命的设备,他做的非常完美”With his life-saving backpack in tow, Larkin played pick-up games of basketball, enjoyed time with his children and rode in the car with his friends.背着这个救生背包,拉金参加即兴篮球游戏,享受与孩子们的时光,和朋友们一起骑车"It’s just like a real heart," Larkin said. "It’s just in a bag with tubes coming out of you, but other than that, it feels like a real heart. ... It felt just like a backpack with books in it, like if you were going to school."“它就和真正的心脏一样,”拉金说”它只是被装在包里,插上管子但除此之外,它和真的心脏一样…这感觉就像是你的背包里装着书,就像你是要去上学”Voncile McCrae, Larkin’s mother, often helped him change the bandages covering the holes in his body where the tubes emerged.拉金的母亲Voncile McCrae经常帮他换绷带,以便盖住他身体上的管孔"We had to be careful so that he wouldn’t get an infection," McCrae said, chuckling about how she had been scared to touch the tubes and handle the Freedom Driver machine. "Now, I’m a pro."母亲说,“我们得非常小心以免感染”她暗笑自己当初不敢碰这些管子,不知怎么处理这台Freedom Driver机器不过,“现在,我可是专业人士了”Dominique said he and his brother are grateful that their needs were met -- and that they survived.多米尼克说,能进行心脏移植,他们兄弟二人非常感激,现在,他们终于得救了"I have an amazing brother," Dominique said. "He has been here with me since the beginning and has never let me down. ... I’m blessed to have him in my life."“我有一个了不起的哥哥,”多米尼克说,“他从一开始就和我并肩战斗,他从来没有让我失望过生命中有他,我感到非常幸福”宣城中心医院割包皮多少钱

宣城生殖器医院宣城市医院男科站立式办公桌让员工效率更高 -- :35: 来源: 站立式办公桌是好是不好呢?一方面,一些学习研究表明站立式办公桌能够帮你降低肥胖和糖尿病风险另一方面,专家认为站立式办公桌不会帮助减肥,反而会造成背部问题 Standing desks. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there are plenty of s to back up whatever opinion you have.站立式办公桌,不管你喜欢它还是讨厌它,总有很多说法持你的观点On the one hand, studies have shown that standing desks could help reduce your risk of obesity and diabetes. On the other, experts have said standing desks don’t help with weight loss and could give you back problems.一方面,一些学习研究表明站立式办公桌能够帮你降低肥胖和糖尿病风险另一方面,专家认为站立式办公桌不会帮助减肥,反而会造成背部问题Now, another study has come out, this one in favor of standing desks. Researchers at the Texas AM Health Science Center found that standing desks helped employees get more done during the day. Though the results might not translate all types of work environments, they should give standing desk proponents reason to rejoice.现在,另一项调查结果又力挺了站立式办公桌德克萨斯州健康科学中心研究员发现,站立式办公桌能帮助员工提高工作效率尽管这一说法不能适用于所有类型的工作环境,但这一调查结果足以使站立式办公桌拥护者欢喜雀跃Published last week in the journal IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors, the study followed 7 employees in a call center over six months. Seventy-four of them used standing desks, and researchers found that they were 6 percent more productive than those who sat at their desks.上周,一个国际经济学会期刊上一则文章,研究了人体工程学和人的因素,这项调查是一个呼叫中心的7名工作人员的六个月工作情况其中,7名员工使用站立式办公桌,他们效率比使用坐式办公桌的员工高6%The participants’ employer, a health services company that’s not named in the paper, commissioned the study to better understand the returns on the standing desks it had bought the office.参与者的雇主,一家健康务公司老板说道,这个调查使得他们明白站立式办公桌给他们带来的益处Productivity was determined by the number of successful calls to clients that the health and clinical advisors made per hour. The company earned revenue each successful call, during which an advisor checked in on a client’s progress in an exercise program, example, or verified to see that a client was taking proper medication.员工的工作效率由健康咨询顾问员工在每个小时内给客户进行成功通话的个数而定公司的盈利来源于每一个成功的通话,通话中,健康顾问询问顾客的锻炼进程,以此在确定顾客是否在用合适的药物Employees typically made between 00 and 500 calls a month, and the company wanted them to average around two successful calls each hour. Those who had standing desks met that a, while those who remained seated averaged 1.5 successful calls per hour, Gregory Garrett, a public health doctoral student and lead author on the study, told The Huffington Post. If an advisor was unable to reach a client over the phone, that was counted as an unsuccessful call.这个调查的带头人—大众健康士Gregory Garrett告诉赫芬顿邮报说,员工一般在一个月内拨打00到500个电话,公司希望他们平均每小时完成出两个成功通话调查发现,使用立式办公桌的员工能够完成这个目标,而使用坐式办公桌的员工每个小时平均只完成1.5个成功通话如果健康咨询顾问通话电话不能成功得到客户,那通话就是不成功的Interestingly, the people who stood actually made more phone calls than the ones who sat, Garrett said.Garrett说,有趣的是,站立的员工比坐着的员工完成更多通话The results almost seem too good to be true — after all, who wouldn’t want a nearly 50 percent boost in productivity just from using a standing desk?这个调查结果真是让人难以置信,只是用站立式办公桌就能将工作效率提高一半,这真是太惊奇了!“How do you justify ‘this desk makes me feel happier, and I feel better’? That’s not going to pay the bills,” Benden said.“你是如何确定‘站立式办公桌使我感到更快乐,感觉更舒适’?这不会轻易说别人买单的,” Benden说But, he continued, the study shows that standing desks can in fact “affect a company’s bottom line. That’s really significant.”但是,他说,“调查表明站立式办公桌能够影响到一个公司的最终亏损底线,这是至关重要的”小羊傻笑为哪般 只因误食千磅大麻 -- :5: 来源:   A flock of sheep were left feeling rather woolly-headed after accidentally munching on thousands of pounds worth of cannabis plants.  一群绵羊感到头晕目眩,原来它们不小心嚼食了价值数千英镑的大麻类植物  The animals began stumbling about after getting high on seven bags of the intoxicating plant, which had been dumped in their field.  这些动物误食了被人遗弃在草地上的七袋具有毒性的植物,出现吸毒后兴奋症状,走路也开始东倒西歪  Police won’t be taking action against the sheep tucking into their illegal meal, but are determined to catch the “irresponsible” crooks who grew and discarded the class B drug.  警方不会对这些误食了毒性草料的绵羊加以惩治,但是他们决定要逮住那些种植并遗弃了这些B类毒品的“不负责任的”恶棍们  The £,000 hoard of cannabis plants, each about 3ft tall, was found by the flock at the edge of Fanny’s Farm in Merstham, Surrey.  这批价值000英镑的大麻类植物大约每株3英尺高,是在萨利郡梅尔萨姆镇的法妮农场边境上首先被一群羊发现的  Farm shop manager Nellie Budd said: "My sheep being inquisitive had an interesting feast on it. They weren't quite on their backs with legs in the air but they probably had the munchies.  农场商场部经理内莉·巴德称:“我的这群羊一向很有好奇心,它们的好奇心给它们带来了有趣的收获它们还不至于四蹄朝天或者如坠云雾,不过它们应该是饱餐了一顿”  "They haven't had any other side effects but I'll tell you about the meat next week.  “它们没有表现出任何其他的副作用,不过到下个星期我才能告诉你它们的肉质有没有变化”  Investigating officer Detective Constable David Fair said: "It is extremely irresponsible whoever dumped these illegal plants in this way."  负责调查此事的官方人员,大卫·菲尔警探称:“无论是谁,这样丢弃这些非法植物都是极不负责任的”  "We are doing all we can to find out how the drugs came to be at the location and who is responsible growing and discarding the plants."  “我们正竭尽全力调查这些毒品是怎么来到此地的,还在调查谁要对种植和丢弃这些植物负责”  However, bringing the criminals to justice will be a challenge because the sheep chomped their way through quite a lot of the evidence.  不过,要将那些罪犯绳之以法可能有些挑战,因为绵羊们已经嚼掉了大部分的据宣州区医院男科时下流行埃拉病毒造型毛绒玩具 -- :53: 来源:   It may be the only time you will find these words in the same sentence: "Ebola" and "Add to Wishlist."  Giantmicrobes Inc., which makes a line of plush toys based on viruses and other microscopic organisms, has sold out its entire Ebola stock, including the small Ebola doll .95, a Gigantic Ebola doll .95 and an Ebola Petri Dish toy $.95, according to the company's website.  "Since its discovery in 1976, Ebola has become the T. Rex of microbes," says the Stamd, Connecticut-based maker of the "uniquely contagious toy" on its website, which promotes them as gag gifts that also have educational value.  With the latest Ebola outbreak, which aly killed more than ,500 people, mostly in West Africa, customers have snapped up the toy, which looks like half a pretzel.  "You do not want to get Ebola," warns the website. "A short incubation period of to 1 days presages symptoms which include fever, aches, sore throat, and weakness, followed by diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, and both internal and external bleeding. And then, between 50-90 percent of victims, death."  Giantmicrobes lists the World Health Organization as one of its largest customers, along with pharmaceutical companies and the American Red Cross.  Anyone disappointed by the current shortage of the Ebola toys can click on "Add to Wishlist" and wait more stock to arrive. Or make a different selection from the company's array of other plush toys, including Anthrax, Botulism, Cholera and Dengue Fever.   It was not clear how many of the toys have been sold and the company could not be reached comment.  相关内容  这可能是你头一次看到这两个东西出现在同一个句子中:“埃拉”和“加入意愿清单”  根据Giantmicrobes公司网站介绍,埃拉病毒造型毛绒玩具库存已经全部售罄这当中包括标价9.95美元的小埃拉玩偶,9.95美元的巨大埃拉玩偶以及.95美元的埃拉有盖培养皿玩具该公司曾出品过一系列的病毒造型和微生物造型玩偶、  这家位于美国康乃迪克州斯坦福德的微生物玩具公司在其网站上说,“自1976年,人类首次发现埃拉病毒以来,埃拉就成为了微生物界的暴龙” 该公司称这些恶作剧玩偶同样具有教育意义  近来爆发的埃拉病毒疫情,已经导致超过500人死亡,此次疫情主要发生在西非地区这些长得像半个椒盐脆饼的埃拉病毒玩偶受到了热捧  该公司网站上警告说,“你绝不会想染上埃拉”埃拉病毒的潜伏期短暂,从天到1天不等,有发热、疼痛、喉咙酸痛和身体虚弱等症状,接着会出现腹泻、胃痛、呕吐和内外出血有50%-90%的感染者会失去生命  Giantmicrobes 把世界卫生组织列为其最大的买家,次之的是美国的医药公司和美国红十字协会  所有对目前埃拉玩具短缺感到失望的顾客都可以点击“加入意愿清单”钮,以等待新一批供货上架或者选择该公司其他系列的毛绒玩具产品,包括炭疽病毒玩偶、肉毒杆菌玩偶、霍乱病毒玩偶和登革热病毒玩偶  对于这些玩偶的具体销量还无从得知,该公司也未作声明宣城朝阳医院收费高吗

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