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hovel ------ 小屋(名词)英文释义(noun) A small, dirty, and extremely unpleasant cottage or similar dwelling.例句Many years ago my grandparents were very poor and lived in a one-room hovel that was never heated properly in the winter.很多年前,我的祖父母非常穷,生活在只有一间房的小屋里,到了冬天一点也不暖和。 /201611/471225

国家地理:Mayan Temple Mystery 玛雅神庙之谜Deep in the jungles of Guatemala lie the ruins of a lost Maya civilization. The culture thought of as the classic Maya flourished across Central America between 250-900 AD. But archeologists are now discovering a Maya society that existed a full thousand years before that, in a time they call the Preclassic. Many of its remains lie buried at the lost city of El Mirador. Archeologist Richard Hansen has worked for more than 20 years to solve the enigma of the early Maya.You lost the history, as right now we've never known who these individuals were, and never known what other than seeing the physical evidence of their prowess. We've never had a chance to know them personally, and the work that we're doing now is gonna give us the chance to know these guys personally.One of the smaller pyramids of this lost city has captured Richard's imagination.This is a, a, a large jaguar paw with an earspool in the middle, you see the earspool here? And it has three realistic jaguar claws emanating from a, from a realistic cuticle. Here is another jaguar claw here and another one at the very bottom. The fact that we found this Preclassic jaguar paw connotes very well with a king who we believe governed from 152 to 145 . His name was Chak-Tok-Ich'aak or Great Fiery Jaguar Paw. And this may be a symbol of this. That's why this building is so interesting to us because it's possible that this king could be buried here.To test his theory, Richard has brought in the latest ground-penetrating imaging system.It's on this side. It's on this side. Yeah. 11 meters down on this side. Yeah. 10, about 10, 11 meters down. Yeah. What's this? This is good news. So. It's definitely there. Ya.The system has revealed a cavity, perhaps 8×2 meters, just the right size for a magnificent tomb. This was construction on an epic scale. The results were awe-inspiring: a vast metropolis gleaming red and white in the jungle sun, El Mirador. Perhaps 100,000 people, hundreds of great buildings, and at the eastern end of the city, the massive Pyramid of Danta, possibly the largest pyramid ever built. At El Mirador, Richard and his team have tunneled deep into the jaguar temple, finally arriving at the place where the imaging system showed the cavity.We broke through here. We found more fill and rubble. It should've been a, a chamber or something on the other side of this, of this wall. Em, this has, em, is a setback. There should've been something in there. Oh, the fact is that it's not there, tells us that, the, the elusive Kan kings are still elusive. He is not going to give up that easily. At another temple, he prepares to excavate next season. Maybe then, he'll find the remains of an early Maya king.200708/17061

UN: 22 Countries in Danger of Famine联合国粮农组织:22穷国最缺粮 The ed Nations food agency says 22 countries are particularly threatened by the global food crisis that has seen soaring prices increase hunger and led to protests and riots in some countries. The FAO says these countries are vulnerable because they suffer from chronic hunger and are forced to import food and fuel. 联合国粮农组织说,在目前的全球粮食危机中,22个贫穷国家受到的威胁最大。粮食和燃料价格暴涨导致越来越多的人遭受饥饿,并且在一些国家引起了抗议和暴乱。The 22 countries particularly vulnerable to food security problems are listed in a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) prepared for a meeting next week in Rome. The U.N. food agency says these countries suffer from chronic hunger and are forced to import much of their food and fuel.  联合国粮农组织在一份为下个星期举行的会议所准备的报告中列出了22个食品问题最为严重的国家。粮农组织指出,这些国家长期以来一直存在饥饿问题,食品和燃料都严重倚赖进口。FAO economist Kostas Stamoulis used Eritrea as an example, a country he said imports 100 percent of its petroleum. 联合国粮农组织的经济学家考斯塔斯.斯塔默里斯以厄立特里亚为例说,这个国家的石油百分之百依靠进口。"They have to bear the burden of high petroleum import costs," he said. "They import 80 percent of the major grains produced in the country and they were hit by the fact that prices of major grains have increased substantially," he said. “他们必须承受进口石油成本高昂的负担。他们百分之八十的主要粮食都倚赖进口。粮食价格大幅上升给他们的打击非常大。”In addition, Stamoulis says nearly 75 percent of Eritrea's population is undernourished.  斯塔默里斯指出,厄立特里亚几乎百分之75的人处于半饥半饱营养不良的状态。The FAO economist said all the countries on the threatened list had a higher than 30-percent hunger prevalence. Stamoulis said many of the endangered countries are in Africa.  这位联合国粮农组织的经济学家还说,在所有被列入粮食危机名单的国家中,百分之三十以上的人正忍饥挨饿,其中很多是非洲国家。"African countries from the point of view of undernourishment are the ones that are overall in the worst situation than in other regions," he added. "The continent has extremely high prevalence of hunger." “说到营养不良,非洲国家跟其他地区相比,总的来看,情况是最糟糕的。在非洲大陆,饥饿现象极为普遍。”The FAO will host a conference that opens next Tuesday where delegates from all over the world will discuss high food prices and the challenges to reduce food insecurity, posed in the long-term by climate change and other factors. A number of world leaders are expected to attend.  联合国粮农组织下个星期二将在罗马主持召开一个关于全球粮食危机的会议。届时,来自世界各国的代表将讨论如何对付食品价格暴涨,以及如何在气候变化等因素影响下保障粮食供应。很多世界领导人都将出席这次会议。The U.N. agency says the meeting will be a "historic chance" to re-launch the fight against hunger and poverty and boost agricultural production in developing countries. 联合国粮农组织说,这次会议将为重新发动一场战胜饥饿和贫困的全球运动提供一个历史性机会,尤其是帮助提高发展中国家的农业生产方面。斯塔默里斯说:"We are trying to attract the attention of the international community and bring people in the same venue to make decisions, outline plans, set up strategies for facing the short and long-term consequences of high food prices for food security," he explained. "This is a high level conference on challenges. And we believe that a lot of these challenges must be faced through coordinated action among countries and not in isolation." “我们试图引起国际社会的关注,让人们共同做出决定、草拟计划、制定战略,以解决食品价格暴涨给食品安全所带来的短期和长期问题。我们认为,其中的很多挑战都需要各国协调行动来共同面对,而不是孤军奋战。”The FAO report says the conference should agree on plans to boost local food production and increase investments to stimulate production. It adds that leaders need to agree on assistance to the poor, including food subsidies and cash transfers. 联合国粮农组织的报告说,在下个星期的会议上,各国需要就如何增加粮食生产以及如何通过增加投资来刺激生产等问题取得一致意见。各国领导人还需要就如何帮助穷人达成协议,其中包括提供食品补贴和现金转让。 200805/40424Bush, Putin Look Back US-Russian Relations布什与普京回顾美俄七年来的关系  During a joint news conference in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin spoke with a bit of nostalgia as they looked back at their stewardship of U.S.-Russian relations during the past seven years. 美国总统布什与俄罗斯总统普京在黑海度假胜地索契举行联合记者招待会。他们带著一点怀旧的口吻回顾了他们领导下的美国与俄罗斯在过去七年来的关系。 Russian President Vladimir Putin said he enjoyed his meetings with the American president since they first met in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2001. The Russian leader characterized their personal ties as open and sincere, saying they allowed for direct discussion of international and bilateral issues.  俄罗斯总统普京说,自从他和布什总统于2001年在斯洛文尼亚的卢布尔雅那第一次见面之后,他就喜欢和布什会见。这位俄罗斯领导人把他和布什个人关系的特点概括成“公开和坦诚的”。普京说,这种关系使得他们可以就国际问题和双边问题直接交换意见。Over all, says Mr. Putin, cooperation in the struggle against international terrorism, against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missile technology, international corruption and drug trafficking form a promising basis not only for bilateral relations, but is also an important factor of international security. 普京说:“总的来说,在打击国际恐怖主义的斗争中,在防止大规模杀伤性武器和导弹技术扩散方面,在打击国际腐败和贩毒方面的合作,已经奠定了一个有前途的基础。这一基础不仅对双边关系而言,同时对国际安全也是一个重要的因素。”Mr. Putin agrees with President Bush who said that despite disagreements, neither side views the other as an enemy. The American leader said both men spent a lot of time in their relationship trying to get rid of the Cold War. 普京赞同布什总统的说法:尽管有分歧,双方都没有把对方看作是敌人。美国领导人说,他们两人花了很多时间用于发展他们的关系,试图摆脱冷战。 "It is over. It ended. And the fundamental question in this relationship is could we work together to put the Cold War in the past? And I fully recognize that people in Russia and America still think the Cold War exists," said Mr. Bush. “冷战已经没有了,已经结束了。现在(美俄)关系中最根本的问题在于我们能否共同努力把冷战留给过去?我充分认识到,在俄罗斯和美国都有人仍然认为冷战依然存在”。 Mr. Putin said both leaders were able to conduct relations without allowing disagreements on any given issue to damage the overall relationship. The most difficult issues on their agenda remain NATO expansion and the deployment of missile defense system in Central Europe. But they agree on Russian entry into the World Trade Organization. 普京说,双方领导人能够维持双边关系不让任何分歧或者任何特定问题,损害两国之间的总体关系。他们的议程中最大的难题,仍然是北约东扩和在中欧部署导弹防御系统。不过,他们在俄罗斯加入世界贸易组织方面取得了一致。 In this connection, says the Kremlin leader, we are counting on the ed States to lift the Jackson-Vanik amendment and also to grant Russia normalized trade relations. Mr. Bush called for the U.S. Congress to lift the Soviet-era amendment, which tied trade with Moscow to its human-rights record. 普京说,在这方面,我们期望美国能够解除杰克逊-万尼克修订案的限制,并给与俄罗斯正常贸易关系的待遇。布什总统呼吁美国国会解除前苏联时代的修正案的限制,这一修正案把贸易和莫斯科的人权记录挂钩。 Following his meeting in Sochi with Russian president-elect Dmitri Medvedev, Mr. Bush was asked whether he was able to judge his soul as he did Mr. Putin's after their first meeting 22 summits ago in Ljubljana. Mr. Bush said that Dmitri Medvedev seems forthright, but is not yet president. 布什总统在索契与俄罗斯总统当选人德米特里.梅德韦杰夫举行了会谈之后,有记者问布什总统,他是否能够像第一次和普京在卢布尔雅那举行峰会之后就能够判断普京的灵魂那样,判断梅德韦杰夫的灵魂。布什已经和普京举行了22次峰会。布什说,梅德韦杰夫似乎很直率,但是目前他尚未就任总统。 "He is taking his time, he is studying, he is preparing to assume office, but he is not going to act like a president, nor assume presidential duties until he gets to be the president," said Mr. Bush. "So you can write down, 'I was impressed."' "他还需要时间。他正在学习,准备走马上任,在他正式就任俄罗斯总统之前,他目前绝不会以一个总统的身份行事,也不会承担任何总统的职权。所以你们可以这样报导,‘ 他给我留下了深刻的印象’。”Mr. Bush said he is looking forward to working with Mr. Medvedev after President Putin leaves office on May 7. A new U.S. leader will assume the White House on January 20. 布什说,在普京总统于5月7日卸任之后,他期待著与梅德韦杰夫合作。明年1月20日,一个新的美国总统将入主白宫。 200804/33773

Maureen Dowd is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the New York Times who tackles tough topics for a living. Now she's entering a potential mind field with her second book, it's called "Are Men Necessary? ". I like the cover by the way. Maureen Dowd. Nice to have you here. How are you doing? I'm good Matt. Despite the fact that, I mean, clearly the title of this book is gonna get a lot of attention. But why do you want to write about men and women gender in America? Well, because I have been writing about things like torture, and fake reasons to go to war and a lot of heavy things for five years, and I thought it would be fun to change the topic to gender wars. Cause we haven't talked about where men and women stand, and a long time in terms of what worked and what didn't work, starting with the sexual revolution. Right on the back cover of the book, (Right. ) you're pretty honest about what you hope to accomplish with it. Do you mind if I rea. . . it to you? "I don't understand men. They are a most inscrutable bunch really. I admit I have no answers, but for decades, I'd love to ask him the questions, I possess no special wisdom about redemption , in matters of sex and love. I'm not paddling a theory or slogan or a policy. I'm as baffled as the next woman. " So if you don't have answers, what are the questions you wanna ask? Well, that was before I saw the Panamanian mating, yes, that's all we need. Er. . . There are many questions which is starting with feminism in the late 60s or early 70s, when I came of age, we (were) supposed to protect women from being sex objects and economically dependent and caring too much about their looks and we travel this trajectory where women have gone in exactly the opposite direction. Yeah you write about the fact that here we are today and a lot of women starving themselves to death and going through plastic surgery to look like that Barbie model you are supposed to get away from. More of the women on the show, Yeah. And yeah, so we started out, you know, denouncing Barbie. Well they did, that's why I never really related, because they were trying to take all the stuff that women love, like fashion, and high heels, and shopping, and demonize it. So now, we have gone a little bit too far in the other direction where feminism has been replaced by Nazism, and women are overly obsessed with looks. So we have gone from June Cleaver in the 50s , a perfect housewife,to the bra-burni(ng) burning feminists of the 70s to, how would you describe them today? Well, now plastic breast and padded bras, and instead of not shaving their legs, they'd like the lace on the hair of their body, everything is exactly the opposite. So are you disappointed in women today? Oh no, I think it's like great progress, we started out aping men, we were going to dress like them and work like them, and have sex like them, and then we have to stop and say no, we want to relate to the world like women. So it's definitely progress. It's just access which is of very American trait. You know, it's funny because physical appearance is something you write about a lot in your book, and yet you are someone who's got a lot of ink over your own appearance. She had been called the vixen and the bombshell, in the articles I've , you've been accused of being someone who uses your feminine charms to, to kind of get what you want. How do you plead? Well, Ok, so in the book I do a lot of gender blending, so what about you, are you a vixen or bombshell? I don't know what is the equivalent term with the, . . , I probably wouldn't fit the characterization. I mean I think a lot of women tune into your show to see you. . Oh Yeah! You're a raven here and a vixen about it. . But I didn't write a book about it. So, just curious, do you plead guilty in the fact that you have also taken to some of these things in terms of physical appearance. No, that's the point of the book, that in early feminism they didn't allow women to like glamour, and fashion, and all the things we like. So It's ok now! Oh, Yeah, the only difficulty is if it goes too far in women, goes so far back in retro-terms and being so obsessed with looks. So they don't even know who's getting on the Supreme Court. Talk about that what you write about men ok, where men stand right now. Do you still believe when you talk about a study, a British study, from the 20s or so? where it's basically smart men, powerful men don't want women with high IQs by their side. Do you still believe that? Oh, well I agree with Katie, I think strong successful women can get men. Look at Katie, men are falling all over her. It's not that , it's just a little trickier, a little harder than we might have thought at the beginning when it was a road to utopian equality. Because a lot of that things we did to fascinate men, like having high power careers, and, you know, the snappy 40s be entered which Katie is an expert at that, ended up some man find that dreaming, that's awesome. Intimidating! Yeah! I meant a lot of men, Sarah Silverman has an article in Radar this month, it's about when she was at the stand-up Comedian Club, you know, she wanted it to the comics, because they had a sheer passion, but the comics wanted it to the waitresses cause they were in odd. So a lot of men, you know, like to be with women who're in odd of them, but that's no problem, then you just look for man who like to banter and play. When you work for paper like the New York Times, you write a book. Is it a harrowing ordeal to open the paper and the review of your own book inside of it? Well, I did actually. . . Cause I didn't think it was all that wonderful of a review. No, oh, Well, I never. . . I never anything about myself, but my mum had a great saying "In cases where people were being catty about you which is just put out the saucer of milk. " Get y for the , yeah. . I'd let her complete the sentence, all right. Maureen Dowd , thanks so much. Thanks Matt. Good to have you here and if you like to next except from the book. It's called "Are Men Necessary? ", you can go to our website at today. msnbc. com. 200807/45139Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Loses its Majority in Parliament津官方结果显示执政党失去多数票  Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party has lost its majority in parliament according to the latest official result from the Zimbabwe Election Commission. This news follows an earlier announcement from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change that it believes its candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, has won more than 50 percent of the vote in the presidential race. 津巴布韦选举委员会公布的最新官方结果显示,津巴布韦执政党津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线失去了在议会的多数。在这个消息公布之前,反对党争取民主变革运动宣布,它相信自己的领导人茨万吉拉伊在总统竞选中赢得50%以上的选票。The Zimbabwe Election Commission's latest results indicate that the MDC and its allies will have an historic, small, parliamentary majority. ZANU-PF has held the majority in parliament since independence from Britain in 1980.  津巴布韦选举委员会公布的最新结果显示,争取民主变革运动及其联盟将在议会中占有具有历史意义和微弱的多数。自从津巴布韦1980年脱离英国独立以来,津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线一直在议会中占多数。But this news was pre-empted by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, which in a media conference announced that its tally, which it says coincides with that of the independent Zimbabwe Election Support Network, shows that its presidential candidate Tsvangirai got 50.3 percent of the vote. So far there is no official tally of votes cast in the race for president. 但是,在这个消息公布前,反对党争取民主变革运动抢先发布了消息。在一个媒体会议上,这个党宣布它的点票结果显示,总统候选人茨万吉拉伊赢得50.3%的选票。这个党表示,它的点票结果和独立的津巴布韦选举持网络的点票结果相同。目前官方还没有公布总统选举的点票结果。If the MDC tally of the presidential race is correct, this would mean that Tsvangirai has won an outright victory over the 84-year-old incumbent, President Robert Mugabe.  如果民主变革运动的总统选举点票结果是准确的,这将意味着茨万吉拉伊超过84岁的现任总统穆加贝,赢得彻底胜利。MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti says this means there should be no need for a run-off in the presidential race which would have to take place in 21 days from when the result is officially announced. But he said Tsvangirai would be willing to contest a run-off, if the Commission insists one is required. 争取民主变革运动的秘书长比提说,这意味着没有必要在正式选举结果公布21天后举行总统决选。但是比提说,如果选举委员会坚持认为有必要进行决选,茨万吉拉伊将愿意参加。"A runoff in 21 days," said Biti. "That is what the law says. If that is the case, without prejudice to our position this party will contest the runoff, but we would have hoped for a situation that there will be a conceding of the result for a number of reasons, and the number of reasons being that it is unlikely that the people's will, will in any way be reversed in that run-off. If anything, there will actually be an embarrassing margin in favor of the opposition in the runoff. There is no question about that.  比提说:“在21天后进行决选是法律规定的。如果是这样的话,在不歧视我们的立场的情况下,争取民主变革运动将参加决选。但是我们希望出于一些原因,选举结果得到承认。这些原因是人民在决选中不可能逆转他们的意愿。如果有什么的话,决选实际上会出现令人尴尬的有利于反对派的差距。这是毫无疑问的。”Biti said he hopes President Mugabe will realize that any run-off would deliver him a smashing defeat. 比提说,他希望穆加贝总统认识到,任何决选都会让他遭到惨败。He adds that the party's assessment of the election results are based on actual votes cast, counted and verified by the Zimbabwe Election Commission at each individual polling station. But he notes that there are some outstanding results which have not yet been released. 比提补充说,他的党对选举结果的评估是基于实际投出的选票。投出的选票由津巴布韦选举委员会在每个投票站清点和核实。但是他指出,还有一些重要的结果没有公布。Political analysts say the margins are so narrow that the MDC might be forced to accept a run-off because disputes about even one or two voting stations could significantly change the overall percentages. 政治分析人士说,选举结果差距很小,争取民主变革运动可能要被迫接受决选,因为哪怕是涉及一个或两个投票站的争议也可能极大的改变整个比例。Biti said the margin of error was very small, adding that his party has aly called for verification of the officially announced results at some polling stations because of discrepancies with its own records. 比提说,误差范围非常小。他补充说,因为与他的党的点票结果不符,他的党已经呼吁核实一些投票站正式公布的结果。Meanwhile the ruling ZANU-PF has described the MDC's tally of the presidential race as "wishful". Party spokesman Bright Matonga said no party could decide the winner but suggested ZANU-PF has accepted there might be a run-off for the presidential election.  与此同时,执政党津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线称争取民主变革运动对总统竞选的点票结果是“一厢情愿。”这个阵线的发言人马通加说,没有党派可以决定谁赢得了选举。但是马通加暗示说,他的党已经接受了可能要进行总统决选的事实。The elections last Saturday were for four contests, the presidency, parliament, senate and local government.  上个星期六举行了四场选举,包括总统、众议院、参议院和地方政府的选举。200804/33225

Is that it there? Oh yes, thanks Hannah.是这个吗?是的,谢谢,安娜。Your qualifications look impressive but I was wondering what sales experience can you bring to our company?你的能力令人印象深刻,但是我在想你能给我们的公司带来什么销售经验?I worked in a shop once.我曾在一家商店工作。Ohhh Anna! Sell yourself. Give a good example!安娜!宣传你自己。举一个好例子!Oh right…mmm…. well a good example that comes to mind is when I was involved with a campaign to promote and sell a new range of clothes对了,我想到了一个很好的例子。当我做活动推销一系列新衣时,I loved doing it and it was…我喜欢做这个而且……Oh sorry, excuse me, heres your tea Paul.对不起,打扰了。保罗,这是你的茶。Thanks Denise. Now Anna, it looks like youve achieved a lot during your time at university.谢谢,丹尼斯。安娜,看起来你在大学期间有很多成就。Could you give me an example of good team working during your time there?可以给我举一个在那时关于团队合作的例子吗?Sorry! I forgot the sugar. Thank you Denise.对不起!我忘了拿糖了。谢谢你,丹尼斯。Hmm, so you want an example?你想要一个例子?I was the treasurer of the debating society at university. That was OK I suppose.我在大学的辩论社担任会计,我想这个例子可以吧。Come on Anna. Be more enthusiastic – the debating society is exciting!拜托,安娜。再热情一点,辩论社很有趣!I mean… Im particularly proud of how I organised the finances for the debating society.我是说……我对于我是如何管理辩论社财务这件事感到很自豪。 /201611/479857

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