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St. Louis has replaced Camden, New Jersey as the most dangerous US city, according to a study based on FBI crime data and released Monday.  周一发布的一项基于美国联邦调查局犯罪数据的研究显示,圣路易斯已取代新泽西州的卡姆登市,成为全美最危险城市   St. Louis had ,0 violent crimes per 0,000 residents last year, well over the national average of 9, according to the report issued by social science publisher CQ Press.  根据社会科学读物出版机构CQ出版社发布的这份报告,去年,圣路易斯每万居民中就发生了例暴力犯罪案件,远远超过美国9例的平均水平  Camden ranked second this year, with Detroit, Michigan; Flint, Michigan; and Oakland, Calinia rounding out the top five most crime-ridden cities, according to the report.St. Louis has replaced Camden, New Jersey as the most dangerous US city, according to a study based on FBI crime data and released Monday.  根据这份报告,今年卡姆登市位居第二全美犯罪记录前五名的城市还有密歇根州的底特律和弗林特市,以及加利福尼亚州的奥克兰周一发布的一项基于美国联邦调查局犯罪数据的研究显示,圣路易斯已取代新泽西州的卡姆登市,成为全美最危险城市 No reason was given St. Louis moving to the top of the crime list. The CQ report was drawn from FBI crime data that includes murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.  报告并未指出圣路易斯出现在犯罪排行榜之首的原因CQ出版社的这份报告参照的是美国联邦调查局提供的犯罪数据,包括谋杀、强奸、抢劫、重伤、入室行窃及汽车偷盗 99

China top legislature is reviewing a draft law aiming to promote the development of the Chinese film industry, which adds items urging people in the film sector to abide by laws as well as social and professional ethics.我国最高立法机关正在审议《中华人民共和国电影产业促进法(草案),该草案增加了要求电影从业人员遵守法律法规,尊重社会公德,恪守职业道德的条款According to the draft, people working in the movie industry, including actors and directors, should strive ;excellence in both professional skills and moral integrity,; and build good public images.根据草案,演员、导演等电影从业人员应当追求德艺双馨,树立良好社会形象The draft also stresses that film distribution companies and cinemas should not fabricate movie screenings and ticket sales or take other improper means.草案还强调,电影发行企业、电影院不得使用虚假排片、虚报票房收入等不正当手段Those involved in skullduggery will be liable administrative punishments, including fines up to half a million yuan, business suspension or revocation of business licenses, it says.草案称,参与票房欺诈的将受到行政处罚,包括最高50万元的罚款、停业、吊销营业执照The new draft cancels qualification approvals film shooting while adds a provision stipulating that film authorities should issue archive-filing certifications or permits.这一新的草案取消了摄制电影资质许可方面的规定,并增加了一个规定,即电影主管部门应该颁发备案明或者批准文件The revised version provides that films shall not contain any content preaching terrorism and extremism, and films shall be reviewed by at least three experts.此外,修订后的标准规定,电影中不得包含任何宣扬恐怖主义和极端主义的内容,而且电影要由至少三位专家进行审查Warnings should be given to viewers, if films contain materials that might cause psychological or physical discomt to viewers, such as minors, the draft said.该草案称,放映的电影可能引起观众--如未成年人身体或者心理不适的,应当予以提示 6789


  葡萄酒和蜂蜜SPA Wine and honey SPA 89。


  the Travel section’s Oct. 19 issue on Europe, writers and editors selected special items to profile from a dozen cities. Below, explore everything from chocolate in Brussels to silk in Florence to design in Copenhagen.在欧洲版月19日旅游板块,作者与编辑精选了十二个城市的独特珍宝,下面,我们从布鲁塞尔的巧克力、佛罗伦萨的丝绸到哥本哈根的设计,逐一欣赏吧Copenhagen: Design哥本哈根的设计“Friendly, playful and colorful.” That’s how Poul Madsen, a founder of Normann Copenhagen, sums up his company’s kitchenware, decorative objects, furniture and lighting, which have found enthusiastic clients everywhere, from Danish reality TV series to the restaurant of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.“友好、顽皮,丰富多”诺曼哥本哈根设计公司的创始人之一波尔·曼德森(Poul Madsen)这样评价公司的厨具、饰品、家具和照明产品该公司已经在全世界建起反响热烈的客户群,包括丹麦的真人秀电视系列节目和纽约的现代艺术物馆的餐厅Anyone strolling through the white neo-industrial showrooms of the brand’s Copenhagen flagship store could hardly disagree. The space pops with radiant hues cast by richly striped Tint Throw Blankets (79 Danish krone or BS_59LHu^|um]9LfapO5xO(#JywqLCYYa,i,_#@EI!#WCDeFYISi@!65.HsThis definitely looks photoshopped but actually it a life-size photographic work based on the original building in Paris, printed on canvas, enhanced with bas-relief. It shelters the renovation of an Hausmannian building during the year . The project is named ;39GeorgeV; is an urban surrealism manifesto.M)rd5SqoUWcCR.6#UD这幅图片看上去像是p过,但这其实是巴黎街头一幅实物大小的画作,画布是帆布,配上浅浮雕就有了这样的立体效果HZgMBzrgAfC这幅画名为;39GeorgeV;,是年为了遮挡正在施工的Hausmannian建筑而创作的超现实主义作品DSmd7Ro%Ihffgi0JnB6Tc~y~bxxg%hvo!oM@Xeg,M!o_);,S5Bx 887 at 5.75 krone to the dollar), purple Kontour Vases (9 krone) shaped like flower petals, Brick Cushions (59 krone) in Mondrian-esque fabric, and many more items developed in partnership with scores of designers of nearly nationalities.在该品牌哥本哈根旗舰店白色的新工业风格展厅里漫步一番,人人都会赞同他的观点店铺里光夺目,色绚丽,来自近个国家的数十名设计师合作推出了条纹丰富的色块毯(售价79丹麦克朗;照1美元等于5.75丹麦克朗计算,合0美元)、花瓣造型的紫色康图尔花瓶(9克朗)、蒙德里安风格的布丽克软垫(59克朗)等物品But Normann creations are more than eye candy. Usefulness lurks within the clean lines of even the most pedestrian items like the sculptural Ballo toilet brush (399 krone). A thin stem (the handle) tapers gently into a plump hollow bulb (the base). If jostled, the rounded base wobbles without overturning.但诺曼的创意不仅仅是让人大饱眼福哪怕是最平凡的物品,比如雕刻风格的巴洛马桶刷(399欧元),简洁的线条背后也隐藏着实用性一个细长的茎秆(手柄)渐变成一个丰满的空心球(底座)受到挤压之后,圆形的底部不用翻转即可晃动起来Cognac Glasses (99 krone) are asymmetrical stemless vessels that lean at a slight angle and swivel gently to stir the spirit and release its aroma.法国酒杯(99克朗)是不对称的无梗器皿,以轻微的角度倾斜轻柔地旋转,即可搅动美酒,散发酒香As befits a mer movie theater, the store endeavors to engage its audience. The events calendar is filled with fashion shows, art exhibitions and talks. Every night staff members redesign the street-facing display windows.这家店铺由昔日的影院改建而成,现在正在努力吸引爱好者盛典日历中填满了时尚秀、艺术展和访谈会每天夜里,工作人员都要重新设计临街的橱窗But perhaps most appealing is the whimsy that suffuses the store. Salt and pepper shakers from the Friends line (9 krone) resemble fat, half-naked, mustachioed cartoon characters. Gazing at a Swell Sofa (1,999 krone), you would swear that the plump, puffy couch had been folded by a balloon-twister. SETH SHERWOOD但最迷人的或许是店内弥漫的奇趣之风朋友品牌系列的椒盐瓶(9克朗)像个肥胖半裸的大胡子卡通人物凝视着绝好沙发(1999克朗),你会发誓那饱满、蓬松的沙发原来是用气球扭转器折叠而成的赛斯·舍伍德(SETH SHERWOOD)供稿 5666亲爱的朋友们,出门在外总是要碰到各种各样的标识的,如果你在碰到不认识的标识,很有可能会出糗的啊?看过这些后,我想大家更加随心所欲地出行了1. Business Hours 营业时间 . Office Hours 办公时间 3. Entrance 入口 . Exit 出口 5. Push 推 6. Pull 拉 7. Shut 此路不通 8. On 打开 ( 放) 9. Off 关 . Open 营业 . Pause 暂停 . Stop 关闭 . Closed 下班 . Menu 菜单 . Fragile 易碎 . This Side Up 此面向上 . Introductions 说明 18. One Street 单行道 19. Keep RightLeft 靠左右 . Buses Only 只准公共汽车通过 1. Wet Paint 油漆未干 . Danger 危险 3. Lost and Found 失物招领处 . Give Way 快车先行 5. Safety First 安全第一 6. Filling Station 加油站 7. No Smoking 禁止吸烟 . No Photos 请勿拍照 9. No Visitors 游人止步 30. No Entry 禁止入内 31. No Admittance 闲人免进 3. No Honking 禁止鸣喇叭 33. Parking 停车处 . Toll Free 免费通行 35. F.F. 快进 36. Rew. 倒带 37. EMS (邮政)特快专递 38. Insert Here 此处插入 39. Open Here 此处开启 0. Split Here 此处撕开 1. Mechanical Help 车辆修理.“AA”Film 十四岁以下禁看电影 3. Do Not Pass 禁止超车 . No U Turn 禁止掉头 5. U Turn OK 可以U形转弯 6. No Cycling in the School校内禁止骑车7. SOS 紧急求救信号 8. Hands Wanted 招聘 9. Staff Only 本处职工专用 50. No Litter 勿乱扔杂物 819



  Zeus The ruler of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus, and the god of the sky and thunder. Zeus was the child of Cronus and Rhea, and the youngest of his siblings. He is married to Hera, the queen of the gods. He is often depicted either standing, striding ward, or seated in a throne of royalty. His symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull and the oak. 宙斯 宙斯是诸神之神,统治着奥林匹亚山,同时也是天空和雷电的掌管者宙斯是克洛诺斯与瑞亚之子,是他的兄弟中最小的孩子他同诸神之后赫拉结婚他常被描绘成站立着,或大步向前,或坐在王位上他的象征是雷电,老鹰,公牛和橡树Poseidon The god of the sea and of horses. He is the brother of Zeus and Hades. Poseidon was given a trident during the war of the Titans and the gods. When they overthrew the Titans, Poseidon took over the sea among other things. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea . Poseidons' symbols were the dolphin and the trident. 波塞冬 掌管着海洋和马他是宙斯和哈迪斯的兄弟波塞冬在诸神与提坦的战争中得到一把三叉戟,诸神打到提坦后,波塞冬选择掌管海洋他是克洛诺斯与瑞亚之子,波塞冬的象征是海豚和三叉戟 Hermes The winged messenger of the Olympians, Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia. As a friend to the mortals, he introduced weights and measures and he also escorts the dead to Hades. He is the giver of good luck and he taught mortals all arts, such as how to make roads and markets. In ancient times, a bust of Hermes was placed at the top of pillars to mark boundaries. His symbols were winged sandals and helmet. 赫斯提亚 家灶之神和健康之神她是瑞亚与克洛诺斯的第一个孩子赫斯提亚是宙斯,波塞冬和哈迪斯的她曾是十二位奥林匹亚主神之一,但后来她让位于狄俄尼索斯圣火和圆圈是赫斯提亚的象征 Hermes The winged messenger of the Olympians, Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia. As a friend to the mortals, he introduced weights and measures and he also escorts the dead to Hades. He is the giver of good luck and he taught mortals all arts, such as how to make roads and markets. In ancient times, a bust of Hermes was placed at the top of pillars to mark boundaries. His symbols were winged sandals and helmet. 赫尔墨斯 他是奥林匹亚的信使,长有翅膀赫尔墨斯是宙斯与迈亚之子作为人类的伙伴,他给人类引进了度量衡,也把死者的灵魂护送至哈迪斯的冥界他是好运之神,教授人类一切技能,比如如何造路,如何创建市场在古时,赫尔墨斯的半身像被放在柱子顶端以示分界线他的象征是有翼的鞋子和头盔 Hera The wife and older sister of Zeus. She is the goddess of marriage. The peacock was sacred to her and she is often depicted with a peacock somewhere near her. She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Hera is the most beautiful of the immortals. Her symbols were the peacock and the cow. 赫拉 宙斯的妻子和她是婚姻之神,孔雀是她的生物,她常被描绘成身边伴随着孔雀她是克洛诺斯与瑞亚的女儿赫拉是众神中最美丽的女神,她的象征是孔雀和母牛 856。

  A student from Aberdeen has done Tracey Emin and the like no favours by leaving a pineapple at an art exhibition as a prank bee later discovering it had been mistaken art.阿伯丁市(位于苏格兰)的一名学生在一个艺术展上留下了一只菠萝,后来发现这只菠萝竟被人当成了艺术品Ruairi Gray, , had bought the pineapple as a ‘joke’ but discovered later that it had been put on show in a glass display case in the centre of the exhibition at Robert Gordon University.瑞雷·格雷今年岁,他买那只菠萝纯属“开玩笑”,不过后来发现这只菠萝被放在罗伯特戈登大学展览中心的玻璃展示柜上展出The prank worked so flawlessly that the piece of fruit was apparently on display six days bee it was taken down with the rest of the exhibition.这场恶作剧简直天衣无缝,菠萝整整展出了六天,才和其它展品一道撤下来‘We were stuck with this pineapple, we didn’t know what to do with it, until we saw this empty art display. Our goal was to see how long it would remain there bee being removed,’ he said.“那会儿我们正不知道怎么处置这只菠萝,突然就看到了这个空白艺术的展览”他说,“我们想看看菠萝可以放在那里多久”After placing the pineapple on the empty display stand on a Thursday, the fourth year business and inmation technology student returned four days later to find it had been put in a glass display box.周四,这名商务与信息技术专业的大四学生把菠萝放在了空的展台上,四天后回去再看,发现菠萝已经被放到了玻璃展柜中‘We were shocked and in disbelief. We didn’t stop laughing about minutes,’ he continued.“我们很惊讶,简直不敢相信,我们估计笑了十分钟”他继续说道‘It lasted there until Wednesday evening, until the rest of the display was taken away and it was the last thing left.’“菠萝一直展示到这个周三晚上,其余展品都撤走了,只剩这只菠萝”He explained his tutor had been at the exhibition and asked an art lecturer whether the piece was real.他说他的导师也去看了展览,还问一位艺术系讲师这件作品到底是真是假Ruairi said the lecturer replied: ‘Of course it’s real, you can see what they were trying to do with the top of the pineapple and the glass.’那位讲师回答:“当然是真的,你可以看到菠萝的顶部经过特殊处理,还有外面的这层玻璃也是”The art exhibition called Look Again challenged visitors to ‘look at the places and spaces around us through fresh eyes’.这个艺术展名为“再看一眼”,目的是让参观者通过新奇的眼光来看待我们周围的地方和空间Sally Reaper, Look Again Festival Director said: ‘It’s a bit of a mystery – we really have got no idea who did it. It was very clear to us it was a prank but we have decided to leave it there because it’s in keeping with the playful spirit of our festival.“再看一眼”艺术节总监萨莉·理佩表示:“这事儿有点神秘我们确实不知道是谁把菠萝放在那里的尽管我们知道这是一个恶作剧,但是为了体现艺术节的俏皮精神,我们最终决定就让它留在那里”‘The festival has been really successful – we had more than 30,000 attendees and we’re aly looking ward to next year.’“今年艺术节非常成功,已经接待了3万多名参观者,我们已经开始期待明年的艺术节了” 5197

  Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris was built in 1887 to commemorate the 0th anniversary of the French Revolution. It is named after its designer, Eiffel. The 3-meter-high tower is a hollow steel framed structure and shoots straight up to the clouds. It weighs 9000 tons. 巴黎艾菲尔铁灯火辉煌The Eiffel Tower was built the International Exhibition of Paris of 1889 commemorating the centenary of the French Revolution.The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII of England, opened the tower. Of the 700 proposals submitted in a design competition, Gustave Eiffel's was unanimously chosen. However it was not accepted by all at first, and a petition of 300 names - including those of Maupassant, Emile Zola, Charles Garnier (architect of the Opéra Garnier), and Dumas the Younger -protested its construction. At 300 metres (3.75m including antenna), and 7000 tons, it was the world's tallest building until 1930. Other statistics include: .5 million rivets. 300 steel workers, and years (1887-1889) to construct it. Sway of at most cm in high winds. Height varies up to cm depending on temperature. ,000 iron pieces (excluding rivets). 0 tons of paint. 5 steps to the top. It was almost torn down in 19, but was saved because of its antenna - used telegraphy at that time.Beginning in 19 it became part of the International Time Service. French radio (since 1918),and French television (since 1957) have also made use of its stature. During its lifetime, the Eiffel Tower has also witnessed a few strange scenes, including being scaled by a mountaineer in 195, and parachuted off of in 198 by two Englishmen. In 193 a journalist rode a bicycle down from the first level. Some s say he rode down the stairs, other s suggest the exterior of one of the tower's four legs which slope outward. However, if its birth was difficult, it is now completely accepted and must be listed as one of the symbols of Paris itself. NotesThe tower has three platms. A restaurant (extremely expensive;reservations absolutely necessary), the Jules Verne is on the second platm. The top platm has a bar, souvenir shop, and the (recently restored) office of Gustave Eiffel. From its platms -especially the topmost - the view upon Paris is superb. It is generally agreed that one hour bee sunset,the panorama is at its best. 967


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