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Hugging as they pose on the red carpet, Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa couldnt look any happier.篮球巨星科比·布莱恩特和妻子瓦妮莎以亲密的搂抱姿势出现在在金球奖的红毯上,这对刚复合的夫妻看起来非常开心Just a few days after announcing they had cancelled their divorce, the pair appeared blissfully in love as they attended a party following the Golden Globes.就在几天前,科比夫妇宣布撤销离婚申请,他们出现在金球奖的庆祝派对上,这对看起来非常幸福恩爱Vanessa confirmed on Friday that the two had chosen to get back together, months after annoucing plans to divorce.在经历提出离婚申请的个月后,瓦妮莎在上周五实他们决定重归于好We are pleased to announce that we have reconciled. Our divorce action will be dismissed. We are looking ward to our future together, the statement, which Vanessa posted on her Instagram .瓦妮莎通过图片应用网站Instagram发布了复合声明:“我和科比很高兴地对外宣布:我们重归于好了,我们的离婚诉讼已经撤销,我们很期待之后的日子”The couple have been starting off the new year on the right foot and have been shamelessly posting photographs - and kind words - of each other on their social media profiles.新年伊始,这一对就出现了复合苗头,两人在社交网络上各种调情:发布彼此的照片并称赞对方The Lakers guard only joined Twitter on Jan. , but he aly managed to share an image of his wife sending him a big kiss. Last week the mother-of-two shared her love her husband on her Instagram, which she launched in December.效力于洛杉矶湖人队的科比在1月日才刚刚加入推特,但很快就分享了一张瓦妮莎奉上亲吻的照片瓦妮莎在去年月加入的Instagram,也通过社交网络表达了对丈夫的爱科比和瓦妮莎育有两女Vanessa filed divorce from Kobe in December , but the proceedings were never finalised. The mer dancer was apparently fed up after Kobe allegedly cheated on her multiple times with other women.瓦妮莎在年月申请与科比离婚,但离婚的正式程序一直没有完成据悉之前从事舞蹈工作的瓦妮莎提出离婚申请,主要是厌烦了小飞侠的种种不忠行为Kobe married Vanessa in 01 at Dana Point, Calinia, when he was 1 and she was 18, and reportedly without a prenuptial agreement.1的科比和18岁的瓦妮莎于01年在加州的德纳角结婚据报道他们并没有签订婚前协议 077博白县治疗痛经多少钱Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev pick out the perfect Christmas Tree together on Tuesday (December ) in Atlanta, Ga.伊恩萨默海尔德和女朋友妮娜杜波夫当地时间周二(月日)在亚特兰大一起挑选圣诞树The Vampire Diaries couple pointed out different trees to each other bee selecting one – at one point Ian held up some tree to Nina‘s nose her to smell!这对吸血鬼日记小情侣在他们挑选时还各指出不同的树让对方选,伊恩还举起一些木料放在妮娜鼻子前给她闻Untunately, that same day, Nina was running a fever!不巧的是,当天,妮娜发烧了!“Still bed ridden. Not feeling too Hott. Well.. Technically I have a fever so I am hot. But you know what I mean….” she tweeted.她在推特上说,“还在床上躺着,没有感觉到很热,严格意义上说,我发烧了所以我很热,所以我感觉不到我热..你懂的…” 761博白县妇产科医院玉林//妇科病去哪里看

玉林//市桂南医院做血常规检查玉林//那家医院做无痛人流最便宜Can viewers suffering from Mad Men withdrawal seek solace in a th-century Chinese fable? U.S. television network AMC hopes so.沉浸在《广告狂人(Mad Men)被下线的落寞中的观众们能否从世纪的中国传说中找到慰藉呢?美国电视公司AMC正是这样期待的The cable network announced Friday that it plans to produce six, one-hour episodes loosely based on the Journey to the West, a famed Chinese tale in which a ragtag group of adventurers including a monkey with supernatural powers and a creature who half human, half pig travel west to procure a set of holy scriptures. The martial arts drama will be titled Badlands and is slated a late or early premiere.AMC上周五宣布,计划制作一部改编自中国著名神话故事《西游记的新剧《Badlands,首季共六集,每集一小时《西游记讲述的是唐僧师徒风餐露宿、跋山涉水求取真经的故事,其中包括神通广大的美猴王孙悟空以及长着猪脸的猪八戒《Badlands定于年底或年初与观众见面The series title may conjure up images of Martin Sheen in Terrence Malik 1973 film of the same name, but this version of Badlands will tell the story of a warrior and a young boy who travel across a dangerous land controlled by feudal barons to find enlightenment, said AMC. The cable network said the show will be created by Al Gough and Miles Millar in partnership with Stacy Sher of Pulp Fiction, Michael Shamberg of Contagion and master martial arts filmmakers Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu.《Badlands这个名字可能让人联想起特伦斯#86;马利克(Terrence Malik) 1973年导演的、由马丁#86;希恩(Martin Sheen)主演的电影不过,AMC说,《Badlands系列美剧讲述的是一位战士和一个小男孩,穿越贵族老爷们把持的危难重重的领地,寻找极乐世界的故事该公司还说,这部剧的剧本将由编剧艾尔弗雷德#86;高夫(Al Gough)携迈尔斯#86;米勒(Miles Millar)共同操刀,《低俗小说(Pulp Fiction)制片人斯泰西#86;谢尔(Stacy Sher)、《传染病(Contagion)制片人迈克尔#86;沙姆伯格(Michael Shamberg)担当制片,并请来了中国的功夫片电影人冯德伦(Stephen Fung)和吴彦祖(Daniel Wu)联合制作打造AMC, fresh off its smash hit Mad Men, a drama chronicling the lives of employees at a 1950s ad agency, said it hopes Badlands can replicate that show success. This creative team has so much expertise in bringing a fresh take to classic genres from their film and television experience, and their take on martial arts will be no exception, said Joel Stillerman, AMC executive vice president of original programming, production and digital content.AMC推出的热门电视剧《广告狂人(Mad Men)刚刚结束这部剧情类电视剧描写了发生在上世纪五十年代一家广告公司雇员身上的各种故事AMC表示,希望《Badlands能够复制《广告狂人的成功AMC原创编制、制作及数字内容执行副总裁斯蒂尔曼(Joel Stillerman)称,这富有创造性的团队拥有众多技能将将一个新的电影电视项目变成经典,他们在武术上的尝试也不会例外While executives dont say theyre trying to tap into the Chinese market with the new series, there a chance they might. The fact that Journey of the West is coming to U.S. television screens has been widely circulated on Chinese social media, where thousands of people have left comments, many lauding the news.虽然高管们没有透露是否会把新剧集引入中国市场,但他们可能会这样做《西游记即将登上美国电视屏幕的消息一直在中国的社交媒体上广泛流传,成千上万的人留下了自己的,其中不少人为这个消息点赞Some Chinese commentators on Monday were skeptical, saying that the series would surely to fail in attempting to capture the magic of Journey to the West, a tale that standard childhood fare in China.周一,一些中国网民表达了怀疑的观点他们称,这部剧肯定无法扑捉《西游记的精髓《西游记在中国是孩子们的经典故事Chinese viewers have been burned bee. The original TV series Journey to the West was broadcast on China Central Television network in 1986 and has been remade countless times since. Many versions of the tale have sputtered amid poor special effects, bad costuming and cheesy dialogue. One version that aired on the Hong Kong station TVB earlier this year received a record 1,0 complaints, with viewers scoffing at the production quality and saying the choice of the show was too dated.中国观众以前就被雷倒过最初的电视剧《西游记是1986年中国中央电视台播放的,之后又被无数次重新摄制很多版本因特效差、装简陋以及对白粗俗而备受诟病今年早些时候香港TVB播放的一个《西游记版本就收到创纪录的1,0宗投诉,观众对其制作质量嗤之以鼻,并称其选材过于陈旧The Badlands storyline isnt expected to exactly mirror the plot of the old fable. But some Chinese viewers dont seem to mind new takes on the old story. A 3D movie version, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, pulled in 6.7 million in China last year.预计《Badlands的情节不会与《西游记一模一样但很多中国观众似乎并不介意改编这些古代传说去年中国上映的3D电影版《西游#86;降魔篇(Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)就获得了1.967亿美元的票房 3761玉林//最权威的妇科医院贵港市人民医院看产科需要多少钱

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