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博白县中医院妇科挂号玉林//流产较好的医院Chhapter 19 cats and dogs.第19章 猫和。David:Do you have any pets?你养宠物吗?You:No.不养。David:Is it common for people to have pets in China?中国人喜欢养宠物吗?You:It is common nowadays for people to have dogs but only in recnet years.人们现在似乎很喜欢养,但是也是最近几年才开始的。David:Dogs are the most popular pets in the U.S. also. Dogs are called ;mans best friends;, since they are very loyal. How about cats?也是美国最受欢迎的宠物。因为它对主人很忠诚,因此又被叫做“人类最好的朋友”。猫呢?You:In the countryside many people have cats, but in modern cities people prefer having a dog. Perhaps some people in the city like to have cats as well, but I am not sure.农村人都喜欢养猫,但是城里人更喜欢养。城市人也有喜欢养猫的,我说不准。David:Do you like cats?你喜欢猫吗?You:Its hard to say.I dont really like cats, but if someone in my family wanted to have a cat, I would say yes. I myself wouldnt bring up the subject.这很难说。我不怎么喜欢猫,不过如果家里有人想要养一只,我也不会反对的。不过我不会提起这类的话题。David:What do you think about this cat? Would you want it live in your house?你觉得这只猫怎么样?你想要在家里养一只这样的猫吗?You:Its too big to believe.这猫太大了,真让人难以置信。David:Its a very big cat.它确实很大。You:Is the picture for real?这张照片上的猫是真的吗?David:This is a real cat. The owner must have fed it very much. It looks like a lion. So big.是真的。这家主人一定喂它吃了好多东西。看起来像头小狮子,真大。You:Its a disgusting picture.不过我不太喜欢这样的猫。David:Oh,Im sorry.哦,原来这样。You:Im still wondering whether its real or not.而且我怀疑这究竟是不是一只真的猫。玉林//怀孕四个月做引产需要多少钱 1 去上班情境句型:faxCan you fax this to Mr. Chen by 9 o clock?你可以在9点前把这份文件传真给陈先生吗?set upHello, can you make a phone call to Mr. Brown and set up the meeing time?你好,你可以打电话给布朗先生并定下会议时间吗?search forCan you search for the information about this company online?你可以上网找一下有关这家公司的资料吗?are going toWe are going to have a meeting about the contract with BMY at 9 am.我们将在9点和BMY召开关于合同的会议。tell meExcuse me, can you please tell me where the copy machine is?不好意思,你能告诉我复印机在哪里吗?destroyThose are used documents. Please destroy them by using the paper shredder because they contain some destroy important informaion.那些都是用过的资料,请用碎纸机销毁,因为那些数据含有重要信息。employeeBMY is a very big company. There are 200,000 employees in this company.BMY是一家很大的公司。这家公司里有200,000名员工。brieflyIn the meeting, I want to briefly show my ideas by using the OHP (Over Head Projector).在这次会议中,我想简单的用投影机展示我的想法。filesCan you put those files in the filing cabinet over there?你能把这些文件放置在那边的文件柜中吗?wait forPlease ask the receptionist to wait for an important customer at the recepion counter.请叫接待员在接待处等候重要的贵宾。meeingWhat time is the meeing?会议是什么时候呢?aboutWhat is this meeting about?这次会议是关于什么呢? /201309/255859玉林//不孕症中心

玉林//去医院做无痛人流要多少钱Todd: Alex, when you were little, what did you like to do?艾利克斯,你小时候喜欢做什么?Alex: When I was small and I was in junior high school we used to like playing soccer with my friends. Actually in Kenya, whats different from other countries, we used to make our own soccer ball to play. So, its very easy.我上高中的时候喜欢和朋友踢足球。肯尼亚与其他国家的区别就在于,我们要自己制作足球。这十分简单。Todd: Wow. How do you make the soccer ball?哇。你怎么做足球?Alex: We used to collect like plastic papers and bind them with string, around them to make something round. So it was like, you didnt have to spend any money.我们会收集塑料纸,用绳子捆起来,再找圆的东西照在外面。这样,你就不用花钱买足球了。Todd: Wow, thats ingeneous. Thats great. So were you a good soccer player?哇,真是聪明。真棒。你球踢得好吗?Alex: Not really. I used to like playing soccer but I was not very good, actually to tell the truth不是很好。我以前很喜欢踢足球,但说实话并不是很擅长。Todd: Yeah, me too. I wasnt a very good athlete. I mean I like sports but I was never any good. Um, so do you play soccer in Japan?我也是。我不是很擅长运动。我的意思是我喜欢运动,但我并不擅长。嗯,你在日本也踢球吗?Alex: Sometimes, until last year when I was in school I still played soccer. Right now, actually Im not playing anymore because Im like busy.有时候踢,去年我在学校的时候还踢足球呢。现在不踢了,因为忙起来了。Todd: Yeah.是的。Alex: Yeah. You cant play soccer without a big group of people and everyone is busy right now so Im not playing anymore.是的。要踢球必须找一大批朋友,而现在大家都很忙,所以就不踢了。Todd: Yeah, thats a bummer. Like I always want to play sports but its hard as you get older. Whens the last time you played soccer?是的,这点很麻烦。我喜欢运动,但年纪越大坚持越难。你上一次踢足球是什么时候?Alex: About one year ago. I think November of 199?,...2003, November.大约一年前。好像是九几年11月,或者03年11月。Todd: OK. Actually in Kenya do you call it soccer or football?在肯尼亚你们管足球叫“soccer”还是“football”?Alex: In Kenya you call it football.在肯尼亚,人们管足球叫“football”。Todd: Football. Im sorry.“football”。真遗憾。Alex: Actually, Ive been in Japan for sometime so Im used to calling it soccer. In Kenya you call it football.我在日本已经待了一段时间了,所以习惯叫足球“soccer”了。在肯尼亚我们叫它“football”。注:译文属原创,,。 /201303/229912玉林//哪个医院做人流好啊 广西玉林//红十字人民医院妇科人流

玉林//不孕不育哪家医院好Student Military Service军训生活You: We had military training in july this summer in Changping. For 15 days we stayed in a barracks and underwent military training. Day in and day out we had to get up at 5 oclock in the morning, and then we went for a run or a walk.今年7月份我们在昌平参加了军训,在军营待了15天。我们每天早晨5点起床,然后是跑步或是行军。David: Did you get to shoot any guns?你们打靶了吗?You: Thats right.是的。David: Thats dangerous.很危险呀。You: No, in fact, military training is interesting. We learned many things. Everyday we would make our beds and clean our rooms by military standards. We also ran, marched, sang songs, and finally shot guns. Milirary training is difficult yet fun.不,其实是很有趣的。在军训期间,我们学会了很多。每天按照军营里的要求整理内务,每天练习队列队形,学唱军歌,打靶等等。总之,军训生活是痛并快乐着。David: Sounds like fun.起来很有意思嘛。You: How about it in Ameriva? Do the students have military training also?在美国呢?美国学生也有军训吗?David: In the ed States, there is no mandatory military training, but many young Americans voluntarily register with the military. Some students register after graduating from high school. The military can give the students leadership training as well as scholarships for college when they leave.美国,没有法定的军训;但是许多年轻人都自愿参军。一些学生在高中毕业后就自愿参军。部队会对这些学生进行领导能力的训练,并且为他们退役之后去上大学提供奖学金。 /201211/208206 玉林//哪家无痛人流医院好玉林//检查输卵管需要多少钱



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