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Examples of these strength training exercises体能训练运动包括are bicep curls, chair squats, shoulder raises,哑铃弯举,椅子下蹲,耸肩and wall push ups.和墙上俯卧撑These can be done at home or most anywhere这些活动可以在家或者其他大多数地方进行by following three simple steps for each exercise.每项运动都应遵循以下三步For the bicep curl, hold a weight in each hand做哑铃弯举时,两手中都拿些一定重量的东西with your arms at your sides.胳膊吊在身体两侧Bend your arms at the elbow弯曲胳膊肘and lift the weight to your shoulders将重物举到肩膀处and then lower them to your sides.然后胳膊又恢复原始位置To perform the chair squat,要做椅子下蹲begin by sitting in the chair,先坐在一把椅子上then lean slightly forward缓缓向前倾and stand up from the chair.然后站立起来Try not to favor one side尽量不要倾斜身体or use your hands to help you.也不要用手To do shoulder raises, hold a weight in each hand做耸肩运动,两只手中各拿一定重量的东西with your arms at your side胳膊放在身体两侧and then shrug your shoulders up to your ears耸肩至耳朵处and then lower them back down.再将肩膀放下You can use cans of vegetables or beans as your weights可以用与自己体重相符的听装的蔬菜或豆子if you dont have dumbbells at home.如果家里没有哑铃的话In order to perform the wall push up, place hands flat要做墙上俯卧撑,把双手平放在against the wall and slowly lower your body to the wall.墙面上,然后缓缓将身体移近墙面Then push your body back away from the wall再将身体推离墙面to return to your starting position and then repeat.回复原始位置,然后依此重复Each of the four strengthening exercises just described刚提及的这四项体能训练运动should be done 8 to 10 times for 2 sets, or twice.应当做两组,每组8到10次Remember to complete all movements in a slow记住,所用的动作都应该以缓慢的and controlled fashion and never hold your breath.有序的方式进行,而且不要屏住呼吸If you feel pain, stop immediately如果感觉疼痛,立即停下来and remember to stretch each muscle after your workout.每次运动后也要记得伸展一下所有的肌肉Exercise doesnt have to be done at a gym.不一定要在健身房中锻炼Physical activity is the most important thing体育活动是最重要的and can be accomplished through a variety of ways.可以通过多种方式实现It may be hard to begin thirty minutes of exercise开始时每天锻炼30分钟也许有困难each day if you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle.如果你一直都是久坐的生活方式Here is a list of 10 ways you can easily incorporate这儿列出了10种方式,大家可以轻易地将more exercise into your daily routine.更多的运动融入每天的生活Take a 10-minute walk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.每天饭后散步十分钟Park your car in the farthest spot when youre running your errands.去办事的时候将车停在最远的停车场Walk your dog if you have one.如果养的话每天去遛And do yard work.或在院子里干一些活Other ideas are to wash your car by hand.其他的方法还有亲自手洗车Pace the sidelines at your kids athletic games.在孩子运动场地外的路上踱步Ask a friend to join you when you exercise邀请一位朋友和你一起锻炼or walk briskly at the mall.或在购物中心快步走Taking the stairs instead of the elevator多走楼梯,少乘电梯when you have the choice.如果可以选择的话And finally make a commitment最后,要作出承诺such as signing up for a 5K run例如,规定自己跑500米or walk in your community.或在小区里散步These are all good ways to add more movement into your daily life.这些都是在日常生活中增加运动的好方式Fluid is an important component for a healthy body健康的身体少不了水分这一要素and especially when exercising.特别是锻炼的时候Water is needed by the body on a regular basis要经常喝水to take nutrients to various parts of your body给身体各部补充营养and to carry waste products away.并且清理掉体内垃圾Without enough fluid, you reduce concentration,体内水分不足,精神就会不集中coordination, strength, and stamina.身体协调能力,体力,和精力都会降低Each day your body needs approximately 10 to 15 cups身体每天需要10到15杯水of fluid or you can calculate your need more accurately或者大家也可以计算出自己更精确的需水量by dividing your weight in pounds by the number 2.用体重的磅数除以2就可得出了This number will give you the ounces of water这一数值体现的是your body needs.身体所需水分的盎司值Whether you are exercising or not,无论有没有锻炼身体hydration is important for your body to function.水合作用对身体功能至关重要Be sure to hydrate your body throughout the day,要确保一整天都要喝水during exercise, and especially after your exercise session.锻炼过程中,特别是锻炼完后更要喝水In review, it is recommended that everyone exercise总之,建议大家at least 30 minutes a day in some way以任何方式锻炼30分钟on most days of the week and preferably on all days.最好每天都进行锻炼You should also strive to incorporate strength training twice per week.还应当尽量一周进行两次体能训练Walking, jogging, and running are easy散步,慢跑,跑步都是简便易行and inexpensive ways to exercise each day.成本低廉的好方法,每天都可以锻炼But be sure to learn and maintain the proper form但要保学会正确的方法for any exercise you perform.并且以这种正确的方法进行锻炼Warm up, stretch, exercise, and cool down热身,拉伸,锻炼,冷静for each session of your exercise.每项锻炼都需要这四个过程Finally, remember that hydration is very important最后,记住水合作用非常重要for your general health and especially for exercise.对整体的健康,特别是对锻炼至关重要Now that youve learned the important things to remember既然大家已经知道了这些要点for beginning your exercise routine, go get moving!知道了如何开始锻炼日程,现在就开始运动吧201503/3626282012 and The End Of The World2012和世界末日History has a long and rich tradition of apocalyptic predictions—all of which were wrong—yet some people still think that this time around in 2012 is the real deal.长久以来,历史上流传着各式各样启示录预言的传说--没有一个成真--但还是有人相信,这次大概2012年就是世界末日。Why 2012? Because of ancient Mayan calendars.为什么是2012年呢?这就要追溯至古代的马雅历法。Obviously, Mayan calendars not only recorded the days and years, but also longer cycles of about five Millennia, so they could easily make calendars that went thousands of years into the future. But, of course, thousands of years in the future from thousands of years ago brings us to the current times when the Mayan calendars stop in 2012.很显然的,马雅历法不只是记载了日日年年,同时也记录了以约五千年为单位,较长的周期,所以他们可以很轻易的估算出未来几千年的历法。但是,想当然尔,几千年前的数千年以后,就把我们带到了现代,而马雅历法的预测就停在2012年。Modern new-agey people decided that the wise Mayans stopped making calendars because they knew when the world will end. And because the new-agers are happy (though scientifically illiterate people), their vision of 2012 was a great spiritual awakening or world reboot or other hippy-consciousness-expanding nonsense that the Mayans, who spend time pulling strings of thorns through peoples tongues probably didnt have in mind.现代推崇“新时代运动”的人们(注一),是如此解读的:睿智的马雅人知道何时是世界末日,才停止估算历法。而因为这些“新时代运动派”很高兴(虽然他们没什么科学概念),他们的2012末日说,是一个伟大的精神觉醒、世界重生或是其他嬉皮式的“意识超脱”之类的废话,而马雅人忙着用荆棘穿过人们的舌头,大概从没想过以上解读方式。To a normal person, the thought that ;Calendar finished, therefore End of the World; is an odd conclusion to draw.对正常人来说,“历法终止,因此世界末日来临”这种逻辑是个奇怪的结论。After all, the amount of time in the Universe is infinite, and the amount of stone is limited. So, at some point, the Mayans had to stop carving calendars.毕竟,宇宙的时间是无限的,但石头的数量有限。所以,有朝一日,马雅人必须停止刻历法。But never mind.但没关系。What should have stayed a fringe belief turned into mass hysteria with the 2012 disaster movie that swept the Academy Awards and the numerous Emmy-nominated apocalypse documentaries on The History Channel.这原本应该只是一个极端偏激的信念,随着灾难电影《2012》横扫奥斯卡,加上《历史频道》多部获艾美奖提名的天启纪录片渲染,转变成为大众恐慌。What happened to you guys?各位,你们到底在想什么啊?Anyway, after this, NASA became so inundated with questions that they had to take time away from their busy robot building, frontier pushing, knowledge expanding, civilization inspiring schedule, to write a webpage explaining that ;No, a human-sacrificing, stone-aged society, with neither wheels to pull carts nor glass to make telescopes, didnt know more about science at the dawn of history than real scientists do today.;不论如何,此后,NASA被大量涌入的问题淹没,还得从他们忙碌的打造机器人、开疆扩土、扩充新知及刺激文明发展的行程表中,抽空架网页澄清:“不,一个以人为祭品的石器时代社会,既没有发明轮子拉货车,也没有玻璃可以做望远镜,在人类历史起步之初,不可能比现代真正科学家更了解科学。”But the parade of crazy marched on anyway making wilder and wilder predictions for Earth, including:但不论如何,这狂热的风潮持续延烧,对地球的预测也越来越不着边际,包括:Geomagnetic Reversal (A process that unfolds on a geologic time scale, not a single day.)地磁反转(一个在地质年表上才会呈现出的过程,不是一天就会发生的。)A collision with mysterious Planet X (That no astronomers have found.)和神秘的X星球相撞(根本没有天文学家发现这个星球)A local star going supernova (Despite there have been no such candidates.)本星系群的一颗恒星变成超新星(只是没有这样的候选人)An Alien Invasion (Which is ludicrous on the face of it...or is it?)外星人入侵(从外表看起来是挺滑稽的...是吗?)And a galactic synchronization beam, whatever the hell that is.还有同步光束,管它是啥。A sane person at this point would wonder how Mayans were able to predict astro-physical anomalies thousands of years in advance and millions of miles away yet didnt foresee the Spanish coming across the Atlantic.现在,神智清楚的人可能会想,为什么马雅人有办法预测未来几千年的天文物理异象,而且还是发生在离他们数百万英里远的地方,却没办法预见西班牙人会横越大西洋(前来侵略)呢?And thats because the Mayans never predicted apocalypse. The only people to claim that Mayans knew about the end of the world were distinctly not Mayans.那是因为马雅人从没预言过启示录。唯一那些声称马雅人知道世界末日的人,很明显的,都不是马雅人。注一:the New Agey people是指那些推崇“新时代运动”(the New Age Movement)的人。他们通常只吃有机食物、做瑜珈、喜欢冥想,相信世界末日会让世界重新来过,得以重生。201505/373780

Typography西方印刷术和字体的历史Type is power: the power to express words and ideas visually. Its timeless but always changing. And thats what were going to explore.字体就是力量:在视觉上表达字句和想法的力量。它是永恒的但总是在改变。而那就是我们要去探究的东西。Most people agree that the creator of typography was a German man named Johannes Gutenberg, and yes, he wore a hat like that. Before Gutenberg came along and revolutionized the world of communication, books needed to be scribed by hand, usually by months. It was very time-consuming and expensive. So Gutenberg created Blackletter, the first ever typeface, modeled after the writing of the scribes.大部分的人同意印刷术的创造者是一位叫做古腾堡的德国人,还有是的,他戴像那样的一顶帽子。在古腾堡出现并彻底改革了通讯的世界之前,书籍必须以手缮写,通常要花上数个月。它非常耗时且昂贵。所以古腾堡创造出“黑体字”, 至今第一种字体,模仿抄写员的笔迹。Blackletter has thick vertical lines and thin horizontal connecters, which made it great for scribing, but they look very dense and squished together when printed. Something needed to change.“黑体字”有粗的垂直线以及细瘦的水平连结,那让它很好刻出来,但它们印出来的时候看起来非常浓密还压扁在一起。某些东西需要改变。Enter Roman Type.进入“罗马字体”。This particular typeface is Cambria, which youre probably used to seeing on your word processor. But the first ever Roman typeface was created in the fifteenth century by the Frenchman Nicolas Jenson. This is his typeface right here.这特别的字体是“Cambria”,这你大概在你的文字处理器上很习惯看到。但有史以来第一个“罗马字体”是由法国人Nicolas Jenson在十五世纪时所创造。这里就是他的字体。Jenson worked mainly in Venice, Italy and was inspired by the lettering found on ancient Roman buildings. His letterforms were based on straight lines and regular curves. This made them very clear legible compared to the dense darkness of Blackletter. This legible new typeface was an instant success and quickly sp across Europe, riding on the coattails of the Renaissance.Jenson主要在意大利工作,他是受到古罗马建筑物上所发现的刻文所启发。他的字体是基于直线和标准的弧形。这使得它们和“黑体字”的浓密黑色相比非常地清晰易读。这清楚易读的新字体是个瞬间的成功,搭上文艺复兴的便车,迅速地散布在欧洲。The next major innovation in typography after Roman letters was Italics, which are like slanted and stylized versions of Roman Type. They were created in the late fifteenth century by all these Venetians from Italy as a way of fitting more letters onto the page and saving money. Now we use Italics interspersed in Roman Type for emphasis. All these Venetians also created the modern comma and semicolon, but thats another story.“罗马字体”之后,在印刷术上的下一个主要创新是“斜体字”,它像是“罗马字体”倾斜的、格式化的版本。它们在十五世纪晚期被所有这些从意大利来的人给创造出来,作为一个在页面上装进更多字并省钱的方法。现在我们用散布在罗马字体中的斜体字以示强调。所有这些人也创造出了现代的逗号和分号,但那是另一个故事了。Type development stayed fairly stagnant until the eighteenth century in England when William Caslon created the typeface that set a new standard for legibility. Well, it wasnt anything radical. It was just what the world was looking for. The style of Caslons typeface is now referred to as Old Style.字体发展保持颇为停滞不前,直至十八世纪在英国,当William Caslon创造出为易读性定下了新标准的字体。这个嘛,它不是什么极端的东西。它只是世界那时正在寻找的东西。Caslon字体的风格现在被称为“旧风格体”。A few decades later, another brick named John Baskerville created a new variety of typeface, which we called Transitional. Later still, a Frenchman named Didot and an Italian named Bodoni created typefaces that weve classified as Modern. Most serif typefaces fit into one of these three categories, but what does each category mean?数十年后,另一位叫做John Baskerville的好人创造了一个新种的字体,我们称之为“过渡时期体”。之后还有,一位叫Didot的法国人和一位叫Bodoni的意大利人创造了我们分类为“现代体”的字体。大多数的衬线字体符合这三个类别之一,但每个类别的意义何在?An Old Style typeface has letters that have fixed serifs and low contrast between thick and thin strokes. A Transitional typeface has letters with thinner serifs and a higher contrast between thick and thin strokes. And a Modern typeface has letters with very thin serifs and extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes.一个“旧风格体”字体有着拥有固定衬线的字母以及粗细笔画间的低对比。一个“过渡时期体”字体有着拥有较细的衬线的字母以及粗细笔画间较高的对比。而一个“现代体”字体有着拥有非常细的衬线的字母以及粗细笔画间极端的对比。Next, William Caslons great grandson, named William Caslon IV, got sick of all these serifs, so he dicided to remove them entirely and made a new kind of typeface, called the Sans Serif. It didnt catch on immediately but would eventually get really big.接着,William Caslon的曾孙,叫做William Caslon四世,厌倦了所有这些衬线,于是他决定了完全拿掉它们并做了个新种的字体,叫做“无衬线体”。它并没有立刻流行起来但最终会变得非常大受欢迎。During the Second Industrial Revolution, advertising created the need for new typefaces. Letter were made taller and wider, mainly used in large sizes on posters and billboards. Things got pretty weird, but one happy result of all of this experimentation is Egyptian or Slab Serif. It has really thick serifs, and its usually used for titles.在第二次工业革命期间,广告创造出对新字体的需求。文字被做得更高而且更宽了,主要以大型字体被用在海报以及告示牌上。事情变得很奇怪,但所有这些实验的一个快乐结局是“埃及体”或是“Slab Serif体”。它有非常粗的衬线,而且通常是被用在标题上。As a backlash to the complexity found in typefaces of the nineteenth century, the early twentieth century brought something simple.作为对于在十九世纪字体中所发现的复杂性的强烈反对,二十世纪初产生了某种简单的东西。Paul Renner from Germany created a typeface called Futura, and it was based on simple geometric shapes. This is called the Geometric Sans. Around the same time, a British man Eric Gill, created the typeface called Gill Sans that was similar to the Geometric Sans but with gentler and more natural curves, and this is called the Humanist Sans.德国的Paul Renner创造出了一个叫做“Futura体”的字体,它是根基于简单的几何形状。这叫做“几何无衬线体”。约莫在同一个时间,一位英国人Eric Gill创造出了叫做“Gill Sans体”的字体,它类似“几何无衬线体”但有着较和缓且更天然的弧线,这个叫做“Humanist Sans体”。The next major step in the world of Sans Serif happened in Switzerland in 1957 with the introduction of Helvetica. It has simple curves and is available in many different widths. And someone called it the worlds favorite typeface.“无衬线体”世界中接下来主要的一步,随着“Helvetica”字体的采用,于1957年发生在瑞士。它拥有简单的弧线,适用于许多不同的宽度。而有人称之为世人最喜欢的字体。The world of typography changed forever with the introduction of the computer. There were a few difficult years of crude Pixel Type due to the primitive screen technology. But then technology evolved, and computers began to allow for the creation of thousands of beautiful typefaces, and the other...done.印刷术的世界因电脑的使用而永远地改变了。因为早期的荧幕技术,曾有一小段属于粗糙“像素体”的艰困时代。但接着科技进步,电脑开始允许数以千计美丽字体的创作,还有其他的...结束。But now anyone has the freedom to create their own unique typeface. And that is the history of typography.但现在任何人都有创造他们自己独特字体的自由。那是印刷术的历史。201504/370221

  TED会议上,Gary Wolf为一个引人入胜的新消遣做了个5分钟的介绍:使用移动设备和一直打开的小机械来追踪和分析你的身体,情绪,饮食,花销--差不多所有每日生活里你可以测量的东西,都可被细细地测量。201508/393278



  The re-conquest of the Viking territories by the Anglo-Saxons was the great event of tenth-century Britain, and our treasure both pinpoints one tiny part of this national epic, and connects it to the immense world of Viking trade.这百年间英格兰最重大的历史事件便是盎格鲁-撒克逊人逐渐夺回维京人所占领的土地。本节中的物品不但精准地反映出英格兰历史中的这一篇章,同时也与维京人巨大的贸易网络相连接。The hoard was found in the winter of 2007.这处宝藏是于2007年冬天。Heres father and son, David and Andrew Whelan, who were metal-detecting in a field to the south of Harrogate, in north Yorkshire.戴维·惠兰和安德鲁·惠兰父子在约克郡北部哈罗盖特南方的田野里探测金属时无意中发现的。The hoard that David and Andrew Whelan had found was contained in this beautifully worked silver bowl, about the size of a small melon.这批戴维·惠兰和安德鲁·惠兰父子发现的财物是装在一个做工精美、约小甜瓜大小的银碗里。Astonishingly, it contained over 600 coins, all silver, and roughly the same size as a modern pound coin, but wafer thin.令人惊讶的是,碗里竟然盛着600多枚银币,每枚直径接近现代的一英镑硬币,但极薄。Theyre mostly from Anglo-Saxon territory, but there are also some Viking coins produced in York, as well as exotic imports from western Europe and Central Asia.银币大部分来自盎格鲁-撒克逊王国,小部分由维京人在约克制造,还有一些源自西欧或中亚。Along with the coins was jewellery: arm-rings-one gold and five silver ones.和银币一起出土的还有一个金臂环、6个银臂环,以及被一些考古学家称为“碎银”的银块:And then, theres the ingredient that makes it absolutely certain that this is not an Anglo-Saxon but a Viking hoard;这一因素也使考古学家确信这是维京人而非盎格鲁-撒克逊人的宝藏。theres what we call hack silver-chopped-up fragments of silver brooches and rings and thin silver bars, mostly about an inch long, that the Vikings used as currency.它们是胸针、指环和窄银条的碎块,多为数厘米长,曾被维京人用作货币。 译文属201603/432567TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 201601/418368Another analysis that involved more than女性健康研究以30000名女性30,000 women was the womens health study为研究对象which was published in 2007 by Archives of由《内科医学档案》在2007年发表Internal Medicine. This study again compared这个研究再次将研究对象分为两组two groups of women. One group contained一组成员每天摄入1366毫克women who consumed 1366 mg of calcium或者更多的钙质or more per day and the second group consumed另一组成员每天摄入617毫克617 mg of calcium or less per day. Results或者更少的钙质of the study found a reduced risk of breast cancer研究结果表明was associated with the group of women每天摄取更多钙质的女性with the higher calcium intake when compared to与摄入钙质少的女性相比the group with the lower intakes.乳腺癌的患病几率会降低The study also only saw the reduced risk of该研究还发现breast cancer in pre-menopausal women.只有未绝经女性的乳腺癌患病几率会降低Throughout this presentation you have learned通过这个课件how vitamin D and calcium both play roles我们学习了维生素D和钙质in cancer prevention. The recommended intake for在癌症防治方面的作用calcium is 1000 mg per day which based on research钙质每天的推荐摄入量是1000毫克this amount is enough to reduce the risk of根据研究,这一摄入量足以能够降低colon cance and breast cancer in pre-menopausal women.直肠癌和未绝经女性乳腺癌的患病率The recommended intake for vitamin D is维生素D的每日推荐摄入量是400IU400 IU however this value is under debate.但是,这个数据是有争议的As research shows much higher levels of vitamin D are根据研究显示,想要预防癌症necessary to achieve the cancer prevention benefits.需要比这更高水平的维生素D摄入量There are many ways to incorporate both calcium在膳食中获取钙和维生素Dand vitamin D into your diet. Vitamin D can的方法有很多be consumed naturally in fatty fish such as维生素D能够从多脂鱼中获得tuna and salmon and in eggs. Many cereals例如金鱼,鲑鱼,还可以从鸡蛋中获得and milk products are also good sources of vitamin D很多强化的麦片和牛奶due to fortification. Calcium rich foods include milk,也是很好的维生素D来源yogurt and cheese but remember to choose富含钙的食物包括牛奶,酸奶和奶酪low fat varieties of each of these products.但是要注意选择低脂类Dark green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli,深绿色蔬菜和带叶蔬菜,例如花椰菜spinach and kale are also rich in calcium.菠菜和甘蓝都有丰富的钙质Many foods on the market today are also fortified如今,超市里有很多钙质和维生素D加强食物with both calcium and vitamin D such as例如果汁和大多数fruit juices and most breakfast cereals.早餐谷物食品By modifying your diet to include more foods在你的膳食中加入那些that contain vitamin D and calcium you may also富含维生素D和钙质的食物be reducing your risk for certain cancers as shown你也许会像本课程说的那样during this presentation. If reaching the降低某些癌症的发病率recommended intakes of both vitamin D如果仅仅通过食物and calcium through foods alone is not possible还不能达到维生素D和钙质的每日推荐摄取量your daily requirements can be obtained你可以通过使用with the use of dietary supplements.膳食补充剂来满足每日推荐摄取量201508/393660

  Looking to hook up, or maybe even fall in love? These scientifically proven flirting techniques will increase the odds that your seduction attempts succeed.想要结识对方,甚至已经坠入爱河?下面这些经科学明的调情技巧将增加你的诱惑成功的机会。You Will Need你需要Smile微笑Female friends女性朋友Alcohol酒精Conversational skills对话技巧Open-mindedness开明Perspective洞察力Steps步骤STEP 1 Smile!1.微笑If youre a woman with your eye on a particular guy, smile at him. According to research, a man finds a woman who smiles directly at him significantly more attractive than a woman who looks at him without smiling.如果你是女性,看上了一名特别的男孩,向他微笑。根据一项研究,男性认为直接向他微笑的女性比看着他不笑的女性更有吸引力。Body language like hair-flipping and lip-licking can also be effective.拨弄头发和舔嘴唇等身体语言也有效。STEP 2 Get some groupies2.聚集一些狂热追随者If youre a guy on the make, have a few female friends on hand who are willing to beam adoringly at you now and then. One study found that women are likely to find a man more attractive if they see other women smiling at him.如果你是大有希望的男性,在你周围聚集几个愿意不时向你放电的女性朋友。一项研究发现,女性可能认为有其他女性向他微笑的男性更有吸引力。STEP 3 Buy them a drink3.为他们买一杯饮料Buy the object of your desire a drink. The phenomenon known as ;beer goggles; may be scientifically true: in one experiment, people who had been drinking found faces of the opposite sex 25 percent more attractive than their sober counterparts did, because alcohol stimulates the part of the brain we use to determine facial attractiveness.为你倾心的对象购买一杯酒水。“啤酒护目镜”现象从科学上来讲可能是正确的:在一份实验中,正在饮酒的人认为异性有吸引力的可能性比清醒的人高25%。因为酒精会刺激大脑中决定面部吸引力的部分。STEP 4 Make it about them4.对话围绕对方进行Make the conversation all about them -- ask questions, show interest in their answers, use their name, laugh at their jokes, and flatter them. Psychologists whove studied flirting say if you can make someone feel good about themselves, theyll feel good about you.对话全部围绕对方进行——问他们问题,对他们的表现出兴趣,用他们的名字,对他们的笑话发笑,奉承他们。研究调情的心理学家表示,如果你能让某人自我感觉良好,他们对你的感觉也会很好。STEP 5 Demonstrate open-mindedness5.表现出开明的精神Let them change your mind about something. According to one researcher, people on a date find a person who agrees with them more attractive than a person who disagrees with them, but they find someone who switches positions to agree with them the most attractive of all.让他们改变你对某事的观点。一位研究人员表示,约会的人发现赞同他们观点的人比不赞同他们观点的人更有吸引力,但是他们发现改变自己的立场,赞同他们的人是最有吸引力的。In a study, men who chatted for just 5 minutes with a pretty woman experienced a temporary boost in their testosterone levels immediately after.一项研究发现,与漂亮女性聊天五分钟之后,男性的睾丸素水平就会立即上升。201501/357289

  You can find evidence of the devastation this caused in an unlikely location,你可以在一个人们难以想象的地方找到这次事件的据the Dolomites,多洛米蒂山区a jagged range of mountains on the border of northern Italy and Austria.这是位于意大利和奥地利北部边境的崎岖山峦Millions of years ago an ocean covered this whole region.几百万年前这里被一片海洋覆盖着It was squeezed out of existence by the land around it因为周围的陆地而被挤没了which forced the seabed to rise up creating these mountains.陆地造成海床升高造成了这些山峦As the seabed rose,随着海床升高it brought the remains of these dead marine creatures with it.它就附着了这些死亡的海底生物This layer of black rock can be found all around the world.这层黑岩石可以在全世界找到It shows that life in the oceans这说明海洋中的生物was utterly devastated by the collapse of the ocean conveyor.完全因为大洋输送带失灵而消失Once the conveyor had stopped, oxygen was no longer carried down一旦大洋输送带停止氧气就无法into the deep sea from the surface.从海洋表面被带到海底So, as oxygen disappeared,所以氧气消失了the marine life which relied on it died out.赖以生存的海洋生物也死光了This lack of oxygen, known as anoxia,缺少氧气,也就是所谓的缺氧症explains all the death in the ocean, but it doesnt explain可以解释海洋生物的死亡但是无法解释why the extinction sp onto the land.为什么陆地上的生物也都灭绝了We know that it did because the remains of millions of land animals我们知道这点是因为在全世界找到了have been found across the world.几百万陆地动物的尸体But the link between Land and sea isnt clear.但是海洋和陆地的联系还不是很清楚201511/412435

  When the images were transmitted back to earth they had their answer.影像回传至地球时,谜底终于揭晓The far side was actually just the same as the near side.月球的背面其实和正面没什么不同But the lack of surprises didnt matter结果虽然平淡无奇,但并不打紧these blurred images made history.这些模糊的影像开启历史的新页And the mission consolidated the Russians lead in the space race.也巩固了苏联在太空竞赛中的领先地位The Americans werent keen on second place.美国人对亚军宝座兴趣缺缺I guess the American people are alarmed that a foreign country,我想美国人民担忧的是外国…尤其是敌对国家especially an enemy country can do this, it, we fear this.具备这样的能力,这让我们很害怕Definitely not admire.绝对令人担忧Do you admire the Russians for doing it or not?你佩苏联人的成就吗?No, definitely not,绝对不会I said we should have been the first ones to have it.应该由我们拔得头筹才对The Russians had all the headlines,苏联人在媒体上占尽了风头but landing a man on the moon was an entirely new challenge.但是让人类登陆月球是全新的挑战At the time when Kennedy made his famous speech,甘迺迪发表他那篇著名演说的时候scientists knew so little about the moon科学家对月球的了解乏善可陈that the prospect of sending a human there所以这篇登月宣言seemed almost reckless.听来几近蛮勇Their knowledge of lunar geography was so sketchy他们对月球地理的了解极其粗略they didnt know where they could land safely.连可以在哪里安全着陆都不知道They didnt even know whether the moons surface他们甚至无法断言,月球表面was strong enough to support the weight of a space-craft,是否足以撑太空船or even a man.甚至是一个人的重量They needed answers quickly.他们必须快马加鞭地找出The first step for the Americans美国人的第一步was a series of probes called Ranger.是发射了一系列被称为“突击者”的探测器They carried on board television cameras to take探测器上装载着电视摄影机detailed close up pictures of the lunar surface.以钜细靡遗地近距离拍摄月球表面But it wasnt exactly a sophisticated approach.他们的做法听似精密实则不然The Rangers went in hard,突击者探测器像神风特攻队般地crashing kamikaze style into the moons surface,朝着月球表面猛冲不断拍摄furiously filming away until the moment of destruction.直到撞毁为止The 4300 images taken by the Ranger probes突击者探测器拍到的4300张照片were the clearest views wed ever had of our moon.让我们看清了月球的真面目It was now clear it was a harsh and hostile world.那显然是个严酷、恶劣的世界But the pictures were vital to prepare for the ultimate goal但这些照片对达成登月目标而言the moon landing.非常重要It was an epic endeavour no expense was spared.这是一项史诗壮举,美国政府一掷千金At its peak, the moon登月计划在到达巅峰时programme employed more than 400,000 people in America.曾经在美国雇用了40多万人And cost over 25 billion dollars nearly 150 billion in todays money.耗资超过250亿美元,相当于今天的1500亿People were electrified by the race to the moon.登月竞赛让人们振奋不已And you know,我记得the ed States was spending I think it美国为了这个计划was 4.5% of our entire national budget on space花费了全国预算的4.5%but um most Americans were 100% in favour of lets push on但是多数美国民众都百分之百持登月计划and whatever it costs, lets get to the moon.只要能登陆月球花再多钱都可以10, 9...10、9…By 1968 NASA was y for a test run.1968年,美国航太总署准备展开测试任务4, 3, 2, 1, zero.4、3、2、1、0We have connect, we have, we have lift off.衔接成功,我们升空了Lift off at 7:51 am eastern standard time.升空时间为东部标准时间早上7点51分Apollo 8 wouldnt actually land on the moon,阿波罗八号虽然不会登陆月球but it would go into lunar orbit.但是会进入月球轨道Although they werent going to touch down虽然这次没有着陆this would be the first time但这是人类首度that humans had ever visited another world.造访别的世界201504/372034。


  Constantinople.The eastern capital of the Christian world.君士坦丁堡 基督教的东方帝都Founded by Romes first Christian Emperor,Constantine.由罗马第一位信仰基督教的皇帝 君士坦丁大帝建立At the citys heart, an icon of Christian faith:城市中心 矗立着一座基督教的标志性建筑物Hagia Sophia, the largest cathedral of its day.即当时世界上最大的教堂: 索菲亚大教堂 The year is 1453.An epic battle is looming在1453年 一场史诗般的战役即将打响That will shift the balance of power between east and west,它将打破东西方世界的平衡and change the story of mankind.改写人类的历史Constantinople is going to change the entire picture君士坦丁堡将会改变of the world that we have with the discovery of new continents.发现新大陆时 整个世界的格局The two events are inextricably linked.两大事件不可避免地联系在一起Constantinople is under siege by the Ottoman Turks,奥斯曼土耳其人包围了君士坦丁堡an Islamic army 70,000 strong.这是拥有七万壮士的伊斯兰军队Leading the attack:Sultan Mehmet The Second.为首的是苏丹·穆罕穆德二世Scholar, warrior, obsessed.他是学者 也是勇士 令人着迷Conquering this city has been his dream since the age of 13.攻克这座城市 是他13岁以来的一个梦想201601/423678

  So Im going to teach you a traditional Chinese way.所以我将用传统的中式教学方式授课Now, Chinese students - they dont tend to waste other peoples time.中国的学生,他们不会浪费别人的时间Now, I would like to introduce this board here. OK. Now,现在请大家看这块黑板,好I have only picked Confucius es here.我选的都是孔子的名言I would like you to look at this -请大家看这条;Knowledge makes humble, ignorance makes proud.;;谦虚使人进步,骄傲使人落后;Think about it, its a very deep, erm, philosophy.好好想想,这是非常深奥的哲学Yeah. Its knowledge - make you a humble person.对,正是知识让你成为一个谦逊的人Ive no idea what humble means.我不知道谦逊是什么意思So, I wish you to look at those things and,我希望你们能看着那些名言and try to experience those philosophy.试着领会那种哲学Do you know how cute this is? This is way better than England.你知道这有多可爱吗,可比英国好多了For the teachers to control the class,老师们要是想控制课堂they will need to win over chatty kids like Sophie.他们就得争取苏菲这种爱聊天的孩子I think coping in the Chinese way theyre going to teach us,要对付他们采用的中式教育方法I think Ill find it all right,我觉得没什么大不了but I think I will be tired at the end of the day但一天下来我会很累because I think they will actually force you to learn.因为他们会逼着你学So now, you can leave and enjoy your lunch.现在,大家现在可以去吃午饭了Thank you.谢谢Chairs...推好椅子The Chinese school day is a 12-hour marathon.中式学校的一天是一场十二小时的马拉松After the seven oclock start, lunch comes early at 11.30 am,七点上课后,午饭时间很早,在十一点半and theres another meal break in the afternoon.下午还有一次加餐Cos of the early...the early start, everything seems a bit...因为...上学太早,一切都有点...I know its 11.30 now,我知道现在才十一点半but it seems like its meant to be lunchtime,但好像是该吃午饭了because Ive been up since, like, half-six anyway.因为我大概六点半就起床了Its quite easy so far,目前来看还很轻松we havent really come up with any lessons yet,我们还没开始上课but weve met a few people,但我们见到了几个人weve met all our teachers and they seem really nice.我们见到了老师们,他们看起来还挺好Despite the early start, best friends Rosie and Angelina are in a party mood.尽管上学很早,闺蜜罗茜和安吉丽娜的心情像开派对一样201512/418412

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